WWE News: WWE Reveals Roman Reigns Suffered 'Internal Injuries' At The Hands Of Braun Strowman On 'Raw'

Last night on Monday Night Raw, things appeared to land in a time warp as Braun Strowman attacked Roman Reigns in a way that was right out of WWE's "Attitude Era." The two behemoths are expected to have a match at Payback at the end of this month, but will the "Big Dog" even be able to be there? WWE has now updated the world on Roman's condition after Strowman's actions, and things aren't looking good for the former world champion.

While there was a lot of focus on the Superstar Shake-Up, which began on Raw last night, all of that seemed to take a back seat when the attack happened.

Reigns had come out on stage for an interview with Michael Cole when Braun Strowman came out of nowhere and started beating him down. The attack went from the Monday Night Raw stage and went backstage and led to Roman being attended to by medical personnel and being placed on a stretcher, as recapped by the official website of WWE.

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At this point, Roman was taken to a waiting ambulance to be loaded into the back of it to be taken to a nearby hospital. Strowman wasn't done, though, as he attacked the EMTs and pushed Reigns off of a loading dock and to the cement floor below.

Roman was still loaded on the stretcher at this time and strapped in. Strowman left the scene and EMTs tended to Roman again, but the monster wasn't done with his savage beating of the former member of The Shield last night.

After Roman was loaded into the ambulance, Strowman returned and stepped into the vehicle to threaten and let him know he wasn't done. At this point, Strowman actually picked up the side of the ambulance and tipped it over onto its side.

The official website of WWE has since released an update regarding the attack on Reigns on Raw and what his condition is following it. To put it lightly, it really doesn't sound good at all.

"Roman Reigns was brutally ambushed by Braun Strowman on Raw Monday night, resulting in cracked ribs, internal injuries and a possible separated shoulder."

Reigns was taken to a local New York medical facility in another ambulance since the first one was still on its side at the arena. The report states that Braun Strowman was forced by security to leave the arena and not return for the rest of Monday night's show.

Of course, the serious "injuries" to Roman are all part of the WWE storyline and are being played into the feud between the two men. It is rumored that they will have a match at Payback, and Sportskeeda is now reporting that it would end up being a Stretcher Match.

This would only make sense considering what went down on Raw last night, but it won't be easy to strap a guy as big as Strowman onto a gurney. The company could go a few directions for a match between these two big superstars and that includes a possible Ambulance Match or No Holds Barred contest.

So, Roman isn't really injured, but he may be kept off of television for a couple of weeks to sell the altered reality of the beatdown. Don't look for him on any episodes of Monday Night Raw until maybe the go-home show for Payback.

Braun Strowman has not been met with a lot of great response from the fans, but then again, neither has Roman Reigns. WWE is moving ahead with this feud, and despite the report of "internal injuries," the two men are expected to face-off in a match at Payback at the end of April. Strowman's attack really did have an "Attitude Era" feel to it. Even if the bit with the ambulance wasn't overly believable, it sure made Monday Night Raw a lot of fun to watch.

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