Robyn Brown Speaks Out Against Lies, Reveals If She Is Leaving Kody

There are always rumors flying about Kody Brown and his four wives from Sister Wives. On the show, Robyn and Kody look really happy, but there are constant rumors that Robyn is leaving him.

Robyn is Kody’s newest wife and has two small children with him, plus she is the only one who is legally married to him. The latest rumors are coming from someone who claims to be a family friend. The Inquisitr previously reported about how Robyn Brown’s alleged friend Kendra Pollard is saying that Robyn is pregnant again and even leaving Kody Brown to go back to Utah and be with her family. She shared that Robyn is done and moving on.

Robyn Brown headed to her Twitter account to defend herself against these rumors. The Brown family used to always ignore rumors, but as time has gone by, they have started to talk out about them more often. Now, Robyn is going to her Twitter account to defend herself and reveal how close she really is to Kendra Pollard. Kendra has been talking to the tabloids about the Brown family for years.

“Hey tabloids! Kendra is NOT my friend and I don’t talk to her. Ever. Period. I am not pregnant and I am not divorcing Kody. All lies!”

The fact that Robyn Brown has denied these rumors makes fans think they are probably not true. If she was pregnant, she might have shared that news with her fans. Instead, Robyn is saying that none of this is true at all. Fans are speaking out to her talking about how they check out the family Twitter accounts to see if things are true or not. A few people are asking who Kendra is because they have no clue at all. If you follow the Brown family, you know that Kendra used to be friends with them, but it does sound like that has changed now.

When Kendra originally shared this news, she said, “She intends to move 100 miles away, to Utah, and she told me she could move out of their Las Vegas home as soon as around Easter. She says Kody is no longer the man she fell in love with.”

She even said that she thought that this would be the end of Sister Wives. Fans would be really upset if this show ended up coming to an end. They love it and really want to see Madison’s new baby and how Meri and Kody are doing now.

There is one other thing that Kendra is sharing that Robyn Brown isn’t saying a word about yet.

She said, “Kody is seeing a 24-year-old, and he wants her to become his next wife. The new girl is very pretty, and he has known her through friends for some time. Robyn is done.”

If Kody Brown is looking to marry someone else, Robyn isn’t admitting or denying it at this time. Kody has made it sound like he is done with getting married and is very happy with the four wives he has now. Everyone would be really shocked if Kody took on another wife at this point.

Are you happy to hear that Robyn Brown and Kody Brown are doing fine? Do you feel like Kendra is just trying to stir up trouble? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss new episodes of Sister Wives on TLC when it returns. As of right now, TLC isn’t talking at all about when the show will be back or what is coming next from the Brown family.

[Featured Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]