‘The Fosters’ Spoilers, Renewal Scoop: Season 4 Finale Brings Big Decisions For Callie, What Can Fans Expect?

It’s time for the Season 4 finale of The Fosters and spoilers tease that this is going to be one intense episode. Callie is facing a very difficult decision as a jail sentence looms, and there is trouble on other fronts as well. What can everybody expect from the April 11 finale and has Freeform renewed the show for Season 5 or decided to cancel it?

TVLine shares some juicy Fosters spoilers regarding Tuesday’s Season 4 finale. The last that viewers saw, Callie and her family were trying to sort through new details that were emerging in her case. They were having a tough time figuring out what to do with the information, and Fosters spoilers indicate that a plea deal will come into play for Callie.

Unfortunately, the offer is such that there is no obvious answer regarding whether Callie should accept it or not. The Fosters spoilers from TV Guide reveal that Callie will go to jail for three years if she accepts the deal. If she declines it, and she only has 24 hours to make her decision, she then goes to trial, and if she’s found guilty, she could be behind bars for much longer.

Stef and Lena will be desperate to straighten things out during the Season 4 finale [Image by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images]

There have been some interesting twists and turns emerging regarding the case and Fosters spoilers share that Mike and Stef will be doing everything they can to get to the bottom of what really happened that fateful night. In addition to working on that case, Stef is working on busting Diamond’s pimp, and there are hints that the two cases will soon merge and generate some buzzworthy drama.

The Fosters spoilers detail that other members of the Foster family are also scrambling about secrets that have been swirling. Jesus is still recovering from the incident that almost cost him his life, but he is piecing together details related to Emma’s abortion and Fosters spoilers detail that he will be struggling with this a great deal.

Jesus will have a dream where he confronts Emma about the abortion, envisioning that she tells him that the baby wasn’t his and was Brandon’s instead. Of course, Brandon was not the baby’s father, but Fosters spoilers note that Jesus does face a shocker when he finally learns that Brandon helped Emma keep the abortion hidden from him. Emma and Jesus will face this heartbreaking conversation during Tuesday’s episode, and it will be intense.

Noah Centineo plays Jesus on 'The Fosters'
Will Jesus be able to handle the heartbreaking truth he learns regarding Emma? [Image by Helga Esteb/Shutterstock]

The Fosters spoilers also note that there will be action related to the Anchor Beach school transition topic. Word is spreading that the school may be turned into a private school and Lena is struggling with this. There’s a confrontation on the way between Lena and Drew regarding his campaign, and Fosters spoilers detail that Mariana will be organizing a protest with her schoolmates.

Will all of these storylines be wrapped up in a tidy bow by the end of the Season 4 finale? Unfortunately, Fosters spoilers reveal that there is a cliffhanger on the way. In fact, executive producer Peter Paige shares that the cliffhanger is a doozy and he’s already bracing himself for a lot of anger from the show’s fans. He teases Fosters spoilers hinting that the way this episode, titled “Until Tomorrow,” ends will have everybody biting their nails throughout the show’s hiatus.

The Fosters spoilers suggest that this one brings an intense ending and Paige knows that he’ll be getting hate tweets on Twitter for it. Despite that, he notes that he’s proud of this one as they are tackling important, real stories, and there are going to be some shockers ahead. The Fosters spoilers from the preview for this finale make it appear that Callie ends up with Diamond and her pimp, and the move sends Stef into a panic. Of course, it’s not entirely clear from the promo what is happening, but many would bet that the cliffhanger is related to this teaser.

While viewers may be left hanging with the Season 4 finale, the good news is that the series will be back again soon. Freeform has renewed the series, and TVLine indicates that the action will kick back into gear again on July 11. What leads to Callie being with Diamond and her pimp? The Fosters spoilers hint that this situation will come from an impulsive decision that she makes to try to save Diamond, and she’ll be in a very dangerous situation as a result. Tune into the Season 4 finale titled “Until Tomorrow” airing on Tuesday, April 11 on Freeform and then stay tuned for additional Fosters spoilers as the dust settles and the time for Season 5 draws near.

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