Heather Morris Begs For Beyonce On 'DWTS' To Help Her With Votes

Things are going great on Dancing with the Stars for Heather Morris. Right now, it doesn't look like she will be going home anytime soon.

Heather is getting great scores each week, but she allegedly wants to bring in Beyonce to help her out with the votes. A lot of people feel like Heather has an unfair advantage on the show considering that she was on So You Think You Can Dance and was a backup dancer for Beyonce at one time. Radar Online is sharing that Heather is hoping to get Beyonce on the show to help her win over some votes. Heather has not done ballroom dancing in the past, so this is new to her.

A source says that she isn't asking for Beyonce to perform but just wants her there.

The source revealed, "Heather was once Bey's backup dancer, and now she wants Beyonce to sit in the front row of DWTS and help her win the Mirror Ball trophy."

Everyone would love to see Beyonce on the show, but nobody knows if they could actually get her there. The show does have big names like her perform from time to time, so that could be another option. Last night, Fifth Harmony performed on the show with Normani Kordei, who is one of their members. This was a great addition to her dance on the show this week.

The Inquisitr previously shared that Heather Morris is upset and saying that she is being sabotaged on the show. Heather knows that Maksim Chmerkovskiy is a huge asset during the competition. The fact that Maks got hurt right away and hasn't been able to dance could be hurting Heather Morris. She only got to dance with him one week so far on the show.

Here is what a source close to production had to say.

"Heather is complaining about Maks quitting and saying she thinks that she is being sabotaged. She is so detached from reality and is claiming that her new partner, Alan, just doesn't push her at all. At least, not in the same way Maks does!"
Maks ended up having surgery as a result of his injury, and it sounds like he may be back as early as next week. The source went on to say that Heather isn't sure it is as bad as he said.
"Heather said that she doesn't think that Maks's injury is as bad as he is saying, and that maybe Peta had something to do with him balling on her. Peta has a reputation on set for being jealous, but Heather just seems focused on proving to everyone that she can win this competition. She is just acting like a total b***h right now."
Heather Morris has still been doing really well on the show without Maks by her side. It looks like he has been helping out, and every single week Maksim Chmerkovskiy is there to support her. If he can come back next week or even soon after, then Heather would have the advantage of having Maks for the rest of the competition, which would be great for her. It is highly unlikely that she will get sent home before his return, which is going to be really helpful for her. So far, Maks hasn't revealed for sure if he will be back next week or not, but it is looking that way.

What do you think about Heather Morris wanting to have Beyonce sit in the front row of an episode for her? Do you think that this could help her to get votes? Sound off in the comments section below, and don't miss new episodes on Monday nights on ABC. You will just want to watch and see if Beyonce ends up showing up to support Heather Morris.

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