‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: How Long Will Maxie Jones Be Gone And Will Nathan Stray?

General Hospital spoilers ask where Maxie Jones is on General Hospital and if she’s gone for good. GH fans were stunned when Maxie (Kirsten Storms) abruptly disappeared from the ABC soap’s character canvas with no warning. Kirsten was gone for several weeks before anyone noticed her departure from the soap in mid-February. What’s up with Maxie and Nathan, and will Kirsten Storms return?

Ryan Paevey’s Break Covered Part Of Kirsten’s Absence

One of the reasons it took so long to notice Maxie Jones was gone from General Hospital was that her new husband, Nathan West (Ryan Paevey), was also gone. Spoilers from SheKnows Soaps said Ryan Paevey landed a role as a bad guy named Draven in the movie The Storm. Ryan Paevey had to be away from the GH set to shoot the film in Kentucky, so his absence and Kirsten Storms’ requested leave coincided.

But with Nathan back in Port Charles a couple of weeks ago, Maxie’s absence was pronounced. However, from Nathan’s explanations to Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna), you can tell the writers knew Kirsten Storms’ leave of absence was coming and planned for it in their General Hospital scripts. Nathan announced Maxie landed a job in Portland, and her firing from Crimson obviously facilitated the exit.

What Will Nathan Get Up To Without Maxie Around?

Viewers saw on a recent episode of General Hospital that Nathan told Dante he was going to travel to see Maxie on weekends to keep their love alive, but it seems like Ryan Paevey is going to be somewhat lost without his scene partner. As of now, General Hospital spoilers show Nathan heavily involved in the plot to see if Julian Jerome (William deVry) is alive, but that won’t last very long.

It seems unfair to leave someone as hot as Nathan sidelined and twiddling his thumbs to wait for his wayward wife to return. Of course, General Hospital could develop a plot where he falls for another woman and cheats, but given what Claudette Beaulieu (Bree Williamson) put him through with her infidelity with Father Doctor Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen), busywork seems a likelier fate.

Why Is Kirsten Storms Off General Hospital Again?

ABC announced Kirsten Storms was taking a leave of absence for three months due to personal reasons, according to ABC Soaps in Depth, and Maxie Jones has been completely absent from all upcoming General Hospital spoilers. With a departure in mid-February, Kirsten’s 90-day absence would bring her back in mid-May just as sweeps should be hitting their high note. But why is Kirsten Storms gone again?

Last year, Kirsten took a short break and Molly Burnett was brought in as a short-term General Hospital recast for Maxie Jones. That absence was to allow a stress-related skin condition to calm down, reported Entertainment Weekly. Back in 2011, Kirsten took her first break from the show, reportedly because of endometriosis, but that may or may not have been what was ailing her.

Kirsten Storms Revelations On Dirty Soap

General Hospital fans who also watched Dirty Soap back in 2011 learned more of Kirsten Storms’ backstory. Kirsten revealed she had supported her family financially since she became a working actress when she was just 7-year-olds. As of the airing of Dirty Soap, Kirsten was estranged from her family with the exception of brother Austin Storms who appeared with her on the reality show about soap stars in their off time.

Kirsten Storms complained of endometriosis on Dirty Soap and was absent from the finale of the reality show and off General Hospital. During the filming of the reality show, Kirsten was shown to be close to her brother’s fiancée, Tiffany Lynn. After splitting with Kirsten’s brother, Tiffany tweeted that Kirsten never had endometriosis. Another website reported Tiffany told them Kirsten was in rehab. However, that could be an angry ex lashing out because of the angst of a breakup.

Kirsten Storms Back For May Sweeps?

General Hospital spoilers from Soap Hub reported that Kirsten Storms came out of social media hiding the day before her birthday and shared a gorgeous selfie. Kirsten also thanked General Hospital fans, via Twitter, for the birthday wishes just a few days ago. Her selfie showed a glowing Kirsten Storms that seems to have beaten her skin problems and looks like she may have put on weight and seems healthy.

As of now, a May sweeps return seems to be the timeline for Maxie Jones to return to GH, but it will be a week or two before there are any General Hospital spoilers for sweeps. GH fans have fingers crossed that Nathan doesn’t stray and stays a loyal husband while she’s gone. Perhaps GH will keep Nathan busy with detective work so he doesn’t have time to look for love with anyone else.

Look for news about Kirsten Storms and Maxie Jones return to GH in upcoming General Hospital spoilers.

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