Tell the World where You Had Sex –

The new website lets you tell the World when, where and in which position you just had sexual intercourse. The Polish company SharQ sp. z o.o. based on Google Maps. You start out overlooking the world. In some countries the rabbits, which indicates where someone just had sex, are bigger in some countries than other. If you hover your mouse above a rabbit, a counter shows how many just “reported in” within the last hour, day, week or month.

This very useful site also lets you zoom in on a specific rabbit or spot, so you can see which kind of carnal relation he or she just enjoyed. The five graphical representations of positions should cover the basics and all you have to do is tick the right box or boxes. You can also add a comment and tell us if it was indoor or outdoor.

Some users might find the 20 minutes update prevention a bit annoying, but the site is over capacitated, so I guess thats fair enough.

Currently 11,165 users has shared their moment of passion with 5 in Iran, 2 in Saudia Arabia and 10 in the North Atlantic Ocean (!?)