Beverly Carter: ‘Web Of Lies’– Real Estate Agent Murdered By Arkansas Killer Aaron Lewis

The missing real estate agent known as Beverly Carter, whose dead body was found in a shallow grave in the woods three years ago, is the featured story on the most recent episode of Web Of Lies. TheInquisitr brought you the story of Beverly Carter months ago when it aired on Dateline NBC. The Web Of Lies show analyzing the Beverly Carter case is “Final Sale.” Authorities say that Beverly Carter was kidnapped and murdered by Arron Lewis, AKA Aaron Lewis, a man who lured her to a home that he claimed he was interested in buying. Arkansas detectives will offer commentary on the tragic murder, along with family members.

When family members were unable to reach Beverly Carter after she failed to show up for dinner at her home, they knew immediately that something was terribly wrong. Beverly Carter was a successful real estate agent with Crye Leike Realtors. Despite her busy schedule, she always kept an open line of communication with her family.

Not only did she speak with them frequently by phone or text throughout the day, but she was also very thorough about leaving information regarding her outgoing appointments. However, in September, death came knocking at the door.

According to Beverly Carter’s husband, she was headed to show a home to a person in Scott. Sadly, when her husband went to look for her at that home, he found her car still parked in the driveway. There was no sign of Beverly, and the house was left unlocked.

Investigators learned that the real estate agent was last seen with Arron Lewis at that same home. Police interviewed the man, and an arrest followed. Arron Lewis and his wife, Crystal Lowery, were booked into the county jail for murder. Here is Crystal Lowery’s version of what actually happened, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune.

“The plan was to keep Carter in an abandoned office building at the concrete plant while making ransom demands. Because of changes at the concrete plant, Lewis drove around with Carter in the trunk of his car. Lewis texted her a photo of Carter in the trunk of his car with duct tape on her wrists and face. She deleted the photo Lewis eventually took Carter to their house, but after discovering she had no money, he returned to her car to take her debit card, Lowery said. After running into police, he returned home and the couple decided Carter had to die because she might have been able to identify them. Lowery said Lewis left with Carter but returned without the woman, and told Lowery he had choked her until she died.”

Detectives ended up finding the body of Beverly Carter. It was found in a shallow grave deep in the woods behind a donut shop and a concrete mixing plant known as Argos Concrete.

According to Arkansas Online, police investigators were digging for her body in the middle of the night. When they finally reached her, Beverly Carter was partially clothed, and duct tape was around her face.

An autopsy report confirmed what police feared, that Beverly Carter was alive when Arron Lewis put duct tape over her mouth and nose. The death mask was tightly placed on her face. There would have been no way for her to breathe in air. The medical examiner also stated that she would have most likely struggled for air for a minute.

It is believed that Arron “Aaron” Lewis knew about the isolated area near the concrete plant because he used to work there, the Arkansas Times reported. Lewis tried to say that he had consensual sex with Beverly Carter. At trial, prosecutors shot the theory of a secret rendezvous down.

On Web Of Lies, viewers will learn that Arron Lewis (Aaron Lewis) was sentenced to two life sentences. His wife, Crystal Lowery, was sentenced to 30 years. Watch the story tonight on Investigation Discovery. Check your local listings for the exact time.

  • **Note: The Arkansas Department Of Corrections has Arron Lewis listed under what must be the legal spelling of his name, Aaron Lewis.

[Featured Image by Arkansas Dept. Of Corrections]