Brad Pitt Allegedly Furious Over Angelina Jolie’s Closeness To Brother, Could This Have Helped End Marriage?

There are new reports alleging that Angelina Jolie’s brother James Haven could have helped contribute to the breakup of Brad Pitt and Angelina’s marriage as Pitt is reportedly angry at the close relationship that Angelina Jolie and her brother share.

It is Ian Halperin, the documentary filmmaker, who claims to have inside knowledge into Brad and Angelina’s relationship and maintains that the constant presence of Angelina Jolie’s brother in their lives upset Pitt deeply, according to Celeb Dirty Laundry.

“James was so close to them that he was actually living with them. It put Brad over the edge.”

Angelina Jolie with her brother, James Haven, at 'Lara Croft' premiere in Los Angeles on 6/11/2001.
Angelina Jolie with her brother, James Haven, at 'Lara Croft' premiere in Los Angeles on 6/11/2001. [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

Halperin’s up-and-coming documentary Broken: The Incredible Story of Brangelina veers into realms which may make viewers uncomfortable, such as the rumors that have long swirled around Hollywood due to a few brief kisses that Angelina Jolie has shared with her brother. These are claimed to have occurred once in 2000 on a red carpet and two other times backstage, according to Radar Online.

While Ian Halperin believes that the kisses between Angelina Jolie and her brother were meant only to garner publicity, he nevertheless feels that James Haven’s involvement in the family home of Brad Pitt and Angelina might have made issues in their marriage worse.

“I get into the whole rumors of incest. I do conclude unwaveringly in the film it was mainly a publicity stunt and it worked, but on the flip side people agree the kiss was too close for comfort. Then the conclusion is amongst experts ‘No wonder they split.’ Here we are more than a decade later and James is living with them full time. Ultimately it was too close for comfort for Brad.”

And far from being over and finished, Halperin claims that even now Angelina Jolie and her brother are just as close as they used to be and still work as a team to raise the children, and this is rumored to be one of the reasons why Brad Pitt was uncomfortable with having James Haven around as Brad reportedly wanted him less involved in the lives of his children.

“It really made Brad uncomfortable how close James was. He wanted to be ‘hands on Brad dad’ and he didn’t need another nanny because they already have so many nannies. Fast forward to present day, Angelina and James are as close as ever, and to this day they work together in the best interest of the kids.”

The main reason given for Angelina Jolie filing for a divorce is because of an alleged altercation which took place on a plane between an intoxicated Brad Pitt and son Maddox, although Brad was cleared of all charges later on. During the time they were on the flight, Ian Halperin has said that Angelina Jolie spoke to her brother about the decision to call Child Services, although he does admit that at this point this part of the story is only a rumor thus far.

“The rumor is that she reached out to James while she was on the plane to call child services, but I haven’t seen the smoking gun on that point.”

Angelina Jolie and brother James Haven at 'Lara Croft' after-party in Los Angeles on July 21, 2003.
Angelina Jolie and brother James Haven at 'Lara Croft' after-party in Los Angeles on July 21, 2003. [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

Brad Pitt may be uncomfortable with the relationship Angelina Jolie and her brother have with the children as Angelina is reportedly still trying to claim full custody of the couple’s six children, as the Inquisitr has reported. Even though Pitt and Jolie are believed to be getting on much better for the sake of their family, it is allegedly Brad Pitt’s belief that Angelina Jolie doesn’t want him involved in his children’s life. Brad is currently fighting against Angelina having full custody of the kids, and knowing that James Haven is such a big part of their lives may be something that is irritating him.

Do you think that Angelina Jolie’s close relationship with her brother could possibly have contributed to the breakup of her marriage with Brad Pitt?

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