‘Southern Charm’ Season 4, Kathryn Dennis, Thomas Ravenel Do Court Mediation For Custody

On the new season, Southern Charm Season 4, fans see the Thomas Ravenel/Kathryn Dennis relationship and parenting at its most fragile time, right after Kathryn Dennis got back from rehab in Malibu. In the coming weeks on the Bravo show, Kathryn begins to regularly get visitation, as evidenced in photos on Instagram and other social media. Luckily for the children, Kensie and Saint Ravenel, both parents have agreed to mediation later this month rather than a trial.

Up until Thomas Ravenel took Kensie and Saint with him to play winter polo in California, Kathryn Dennis had both children for regular visitation, and now that the reported crisis of last summer has passed both parents are meeting this month to re-establish some normalcy, with both parties agreeing to regular testing, according to a previous report by the Inquisitr. Mediation typically consists of both parties deciding that it is better to meet with a mediator to work out a parenting and custody plan, rather than allow a judge to make a unilateral decision.

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Up until this point, Thomas Ravenel had the two children with the help of nannies, and Kathryn Dennis typically had Kensie and Saint at her parent’s home outside of Charleston without domestic help. Kensie has just turned three, and has been in a Montessori preschool.


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And Will Folks, Thomas Ravenel’s former political consultant and head honcho of FitsNews is saying that mediation is the best road for both Southern Charm stars, and sources tell him that both parties are armed for bear, and it is likely that before a judge, at the end, neither Kathryn nor Thomas would come out unscathed. A source told FitsNews that going before a judge would be very bad.

“Mutually assured destruction.”

Sources close to both Ravenel and Dennis have shared that both parties have damning evidence that could have ripple effects far beyond one hearing. At this time, the mediation is scheduled for April 20, and the Southern Charm stars will have a chance to see if they can get out of their own way, put aside a lot of bitterness, and put a plan on paper that involves co-parenting. FitsNews has doubts that a relationship’s worth of differences can be put aside at a mediation meeting in order to do what is best for Kensie and Saint, but fingers crossed the two can make it work for the best of the children going forward.

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On this season of Southern Charm, Kathryn has come clean on her personal grease fire which was last year, and she says she has learned a lesson. In a statement on Episode 2 of Southern Charm Season 4, she made a statement saying that she was at her lowest point ever.

“I was totally lost. Not even embarrassed, humiliated, [and] ashamed. I mean all of those combined. It’s the most disappointed I’ve ever felt in myself in my entire life.”

Just prior to the reunion last year, in the midst of her custody battle with Thomas Ravenel, and just before the Southern Charm reunion, Kathryn failed a drug test, and says she regrets the behavior that caused her to be away from her kids, who she calls the lights of her life. Kathryn says that everything she is doing right now is to get her kids back.

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While mediation will be tough on both Thomas and Kathryn, they are both hoping to put the needs of the kids first, and move forward co-parenting.

Do you think that Southern Charm stars Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel can work out a custody schedule in mediation?

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