April 11, 2017
Dolly Parton: My Grandma's Ghost Saved Me From Fatal Airplane Crash

County music legend Dolly Parton reportedly claimed that the ghosts of her grandmothers saved her multiple times, once from a fatal plane crash and in another incident from financial disaster. She reportedly told a friend during a conversation that she was about to board a plane in Salt Lake City, Utah, some years ago, when she had a sudden vision of her dead grandmother.

She saw the ghost of her grandmother standing in a corner and warning her not to catch the plane.

"Suddenly, I saw my grandma's ghost standing in the corner," Parton told the unnamed friend, according to Radar Online. "She kept saying, 'Don't catch the plane… Don't catch the plane.'"

Parton, 71, said that when she recognized the apparition as her granny's ghost, she immediately changed her ticket and took another plane. She was shocked to learn later that the plane she avoided flying with crashed, killing all passengers on board.

In a separate incident, the ghosts of Parton's grannies warned her not to sign a contract. The ghosts warned her that the contract would eventually cost her millions of dollars. She declined to sign the contracts because of the warning, and it later proved to be true.

Parton has always believed in life after death, but the incidents further strengthened her belief.

"I know there is life after death because I speak to my grandmothers."
She said that her belief in life after death is the reason why she is not afraid of dying because she knows she will meet her maker after death.
"I hope I die in the middle of a song — hopefully one I wrote!"
Parton, a seven-time Grammy Award winner who has sold more than 100 million records globally, released her 43rd studio recording in September 2016. The album, titled Pure and Simple, is a collection of love songs to mark her 50th wedding anniversary. The album debuted as #1 on Billboard's Top Country Albums chart.
After a good year in 2016, Parton, who turned 71 in in January 2017, told News4 (NBC Washington) that she has big plans for 2017.
"Everybody loves the rags to riches story, that Cinderella story, which this kind of was my life, kind of just showed a country girl and who I was."
The Inquisitr reported late last month that Parton met up with Gage Blackwell, a 12-year old fan with Down syndrome, to do a Dolly Parton/Kenny Rogers duet.

A video uploaded to Gage's Facebook page showed the pair at Parton's Dollywood theme park in Tennessee on March 25, 2017, a few days after the World Down Syndrome Day was marked on March 21.

"Well who is this? Is this my boyfriend? Is that Kenny Rogers?" Parton asked playfully when she met Gage.

The two then sang "Island in the Stream," a popular Parton/Rogers duet from the 1980s.

The video went viral online, receiving more than half a million views on Facebook alone.

The two sang other songs, including her "Coat of Many Colors," "Jolene," and "9 to 5."
"We may be going on the road before you know it. We're gonna have to put your name on the side of my bus: Gage and Dolly. How's that sound?"

"That'd be great!"

Gage's mother, Lynnae Blackwell, told Today that a friend at Gage's school, who saw Gages Facebook videos where he gushed about Parton, encouraged her to try to contact Parton through a business partner."

"There are truly no words to explain how much it meant to Gage, myself and my family for him to get to meet Dolly in person," Blackwell said.

"Gage loves country music and for him to get to sit with and sing with someone he idolizes like Dolly was just heartwarming," she added.

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