Dr. David Anh Duy Dao Charged With Sex-For-Drugs – Dr. David Thanh Duc Dao Was United Airlines Passenger?

David Dao has been identified as the United Airlines passenger who appeared in the viral videos that featured Dao bloodied and re-boarding the infamous United flight saying, “Just kill me,” as reported by the Inquisitr.

Update: There is a Dr. David Dao with the legal history as described, which is Dr. David Anh Duy Dao, as reported by the Independent. (That article has now changed.) The publication claims that the passenger on the United flight may have actually been Dr. David Thanh Duc Dao, an unrelated person. Confusion still seems to exist about Dr. Dao, as reported by TMZ.

Update No. 2: The original article that the Independent reported, claiming Dr. David Anh Duy Dao was the Dr. Dao with the criminal history and Dr. David Thanh Duc Dao was the United Airlines passenger has been changed. According to the above Los Angeles Times report, the media did not identify the wrong Dr. Dao, and all the confusion came about from social media rumors.

As reported by the Louisville Courier-Journal, the 69-year-old Dao was identified by a person with direct knowledge of David’s identity, someone who wanted to remain unnamed since they don’t have the authority to speak about the incident in public. However, the sordid past of Dao is also making news along with David’s alleged medical crimes as Dao’s name was released.

According to the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure, Dao performed a genital exam on a patient who came to David for chest pain and a collapsed lung. When Dao made the man his office manager and the man later quit, David reportedly stalked the man and offered him prescription pills for sex acts.

“During the Board’s investigation into the criminal charges against the licensee, the Board learned that the licensee had become sexually interest in a patient who had been referred to his practice…The licensee performed a complete physical examination, including a genital examination, for Patient A who had been referred for collapsed lungs and chest pain…The licensee made Patient A his officer manager; according to Patient A, he quit that job because of the inappropriate remarks made by the licensee; after he quit, the licensee pursued him aggressively, finally arranging to provide controlled substance prescriptions in exchange for sexual acts.”

The report went on to claim Dao had trouble processing his feelings, and that David was urged to examine his childhood as a result.

According to WAVE3, the then 57-year-old Dao faced 98 charges of illegal drug trafficking and prescription filling. Brian D. Case, then 28 years of age, was named as co-defendant and was indicted on 33 felony drug charges. WAVE3 noted that Dao faced up to 20 years in prison.

“Dr. Dao’s objective assessment indicated that he was resistant to being forthright and honest about his sexual relationship with B.C. and indicated an overall pattern of guardedness. This is understandable considering his desire to keep secret the exact nature of his relationship with B.C. During and after the polygraph exam, Dr. Dao disclosed the sexual nature of his relationship with B.C. and appeared overwhelmed with emotion. He acknowledged that he possibly disclosed it at this time because he could no longer carry the secret due to the emotional and physical toll it placed upon him. Projective testing suggests that Dr. Dao has difficulty processing his feelings and tends toward not being emotionally vulnerable.”

Dao’s gambling history is apparent in plenty of online reports that tell of David’s poker wins. According to Poker News, back in 2009, the then 60-year-old doctor from Elizabethtown, Kentucky, who hailed from Saigon, Vietnam, played poker for a few years. They show a photo of Dao with 150,000 poker chips at the start of play. David won $948 in a game of No Limit Hold ‘Em.

According to a government website, Dao received “onsite consultation” approval in 2016.

The Sullivan University Herald called Dr. Dao a “familiar and friendly face to culinary students and staff” back in 2000 and delved into the history of Dao’s Vietnam roots. The publication notes that Dao was forced to leave Vietnam when Saigon fell. Later coming to the U.S., Dao left his prison position after an inmate attempted to strangle Dao with his own stethoscope. With a passion for food through the culinary arts and poker, he is becoming the talk of Facebook on Tuesday, April 11, as more and more people watch the video of the bloodied Dao being dragged off the United Airlines flight.

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