YouTube Giraffe Cam: April's Live Birth At Animal Adventure Park, Update Notes 'Wetness' Around Back End

April the giraffe's YouTube giraffe cam began streaming in mid-February. Now, nearly two moths later, it has become apparent that the original timeline was way off. April's keepers at the Animal Adventure Park in upstate New York have stated several times that she is not overdue. Giraffe breeders begin counting gestation from the first time the male and female giraffes mate, and therefore it is difficult to tell when April actually conceived.

The Animal Adventure Park staff members have tried to keep a positive outlook and combat the stress of waiting for signs of active labor with humor. Fortunately, they share some of that humor with those watching April live on the YouTube giraffe cam, who are also waiting for active labor to begin. At the end of last week, April and her mate Oliver's vet Dr. Tim decided to have a talk with April the giraffe. He asked her to nail down a day of delivery, or month for that matter. In the photo below, April is "pretty much telling us what she thinks about that plan."

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April the giraffe continues to meander around her stall, eating her grain and hay, completely unaware of the fact that she has become one of the year's largest internet sensations. The YouTube giraffe cam, still streaming April live, is being viewed by over a half million people worldwide, with view volumes exceeding 250,000 followers at times.

This morning's Facebook update from the Animal Adventure Park made it clear that all of April's physical signs are pointing toward an imminent birth. We are simply waiting for April the giraffe's behavior to change to indicate active labor.

"April is reported to have her great demeanor this morning and a standard appetite. There is 'wetness' around the back end, which is likely due to tail swishing of discharge."
Unfortunately, the time or day of birth for April the giraffe's calf is not predictable, and it isn't up to us. So, we watch April live on the YouTube giraffe cam, we read update articles, and we wait.

Animal Adventure Park posted on their Facebook page last night with an update that indicated that April's physical signs, pointing toward active labor, are in fact still increasing.

"Upon putting the giraffes away this evening - Corey & Jordan observed some extra discharge and swell. Just more indication of heading in the right direction. Dr. Tim was onsite soon after and confirms we have a happy healthy momma and the waiting game continues! WE WILL SEE WHAT THE FULL MOON BRINGS!"
The barn doors have been opened up for April, off and on for the past few weeks. April the giraffe had been quite hesitant to venture out at first, seeming content to stand in the doorway and take in the view.
April the giraffe and her mate Oliver did spend some time outside yesterday, getting some fresh air. Those watching the YouTube giraffe cam mentally urged April outside of her stall door. Eventually, she finally ventured outs to bathe in the sun and enjoy the 70-degree weather. You can really see April's baby bump clearly in the photograph below, taken outside of the Animal Adventure Park's giraffe barn.
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The staff at the Animal Adventure Park has indicated that they do not expect to see any more physical changes from this point on. Instead, as we watch April live on the YouTube giraffe cam, located in the video player below, "we are waiting for increased pacing to indicate that an active labor situation has begun." We are also watching for "pushing contractions." The zoo tells us to remain watchful of April's behavioral changes.
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