Kate Middleton Keeps The Prince In Check, Busily Helping Pippa Plan Her May Wedding

Kate Middleton reportedly isn’t going to be a part of her sister’s wedding party on the big day next month for fear that she will steal Pippa’s spotlight, but she is apparently doing her part behind the scenes to ensure that her younger sister’s wedding day is almost as spectacular as her own was in 2011.

After Pippa Middleton and James Matthews announced their engagement last summer, reports began to swirl that the sisters were feuding due to Kate not being asked to be a part of the wedding party. Yet, royal experts indicate that it is proper etiquette and that the duchess would have opted out of the position as maid of honor for this reason alone. Therefore, there was never any feud. There have been reports here and there that Kate may actually surprise everyone and actually take on the role, but nothing has been confirmed.

What is known is that Kate is helping Pippa to enjoy her days leading up to the nuptials that are to be held on May 20. E! shares how Kate has been involved with the pre-wedding details.

“Just last week, the Duchess of Cambridge traveled to Pippa’s house in West London to hang out and discuss future events…Kate and William recently grabbed dinner with Pippa, James and James’ parents.In between all of the planning and preparing, Kate is also making sure her sister has some fun and enjoys her engagement.”

That bit of fun that the publication draws attention to involves a girls’ weekend recently, where the sisters and pals enjoyed a hen party. It was on this very weekend that Prince William was also away with his own friend on a ski trip in Switzerland and was caught dancing at a club in the company of friends and a beautiful model. Quickly rumors began to swirl that Kate and William’s marriage was in trouble, but such claims have been dismissed. However, the rumors that Kate was “less than pleased” about William’s behavior are reportedly true.

In addition, there are now claims being made that the duchess is keen to keep the future king in line ahead of their big move to London. Radar Online shares the words of a source who states that Kate is “livid” with her husband over his behavior while away.

“Kate is livid, and was very upset when she saw the naughty pictures [of his trip]. She thought it was a boys only skiing trip. She was humiliated and now she’s making William pay the price.”

The couple, in addition to taking off on their party weekends, ended up skipping out on Commonwealth Day services, which the queen considers to be one of the most important days to recognize on the royal calendar. The decisions of the young royal couple and the fact that the two have been doing less than their share of royal duties in comparison to the 90-year-old queen have caused accusations directed at the pair, labeling Kate and William as lazy royals.

The monarch has appeared at nearly 30 royal events so far this year, while Prince William has appeared at around 15. Duchess Kate is no stranger to the “lazy” label after earning the “lazy Kate” nickname in her early years of marriage, yet had redeemed herself in recent years. However, it seems her husband is taking on the label.

Speculation has arisen that perhaps the young parents to Prince George and Princess Charlotte are taking time for themselves ahead of their big move to Kensington Palace, seeing as once they move into the palace they will be taking on many more responsibilities from the aging queen.

[Featured Image by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]