Sharna Burgess And Bonner Bolton Dating? ‘DWTS’ Pro Reveals Stunning Details About Her Bull Rider Partner

Sharna Burgess and Bonner Bolton did not have quite a stellar performance on the Dancing with the Star’s fourth week based on judges’ scores but that will not impede the DWTS pro to applaud her partner.

In a blog for Us Weekly, Sharna shared some interesting details about how she and her DWTS partner Bonner made it through Week 4 of the popular dance talent show considering the 29-year-old bull rider’s rodeo accident in 2016.

“I don’t want to say we were underscored — there could have been a seven or two thrown in there — but I understand what the judges were saying,” the 31-year-old professional dancer wrote about their DWTS Week 4 results.

According to Just Jared Jr., Sharna Burgess and Bonner Bolton, the DWTS pair dubbed as “Team DenimNDiamonds,” got a score of 32 out of 40 from the judges after they performed a Foxtrot dance to the tune of Michael Buble’s song, “Feeling Good.”

At the time, a video of Bonner speaking prior to the actual performance showcased his thoughts about his survival after the life-changing accident.

“Every day I wake up with sun in my eyes, I’m [grateful].”

Meanwhile, Sharna went on to talk about the Charleston which she described to be “a really difficult dance” for “someone like Bonner.”

“The Charleston requires so much coordination, and on top of that it’s a really physically taxing dance. Even if we’re not doing lifts and tricks, it requires you to throw out your arms and extend your legs and jump around and give really high energy. And all of that has an impact on Bonner’s injuries and really fatigues him.”

Despite this, Sharna Burgess and Bonner Bolton are set to make a strong comeback as the 31-year-old DWTS pro notes how her partner is “working his butt off.”

“Bonner really does want this,” she wrote, adding that Bonner considers the DWTS challenge as “a whole new beast for him to tame.” That’s where things got interesting.

Sharna’s Us Weekly blog reveals that while she is proud that Bonner is hanging on, she wants to “prioritize the time” she has with him.

“Bonner looks physically fit and strong and you get distracted by that beautiful jawline, but he’s broken on the inside.”

She then went on to reveal Bonner’s medical condition after the accident, saying that a metal structure inside him that is “holding his body together” after undergoing spinal fusion. She also highlighted the fact that he was paralyzed a year ago and was able to dance despite this.

“I think he’s so inspirational for people who are suffering injuries to watch.”

Could this revelation be a sign that Sharna Burgess and Bonner Bolton dating rumors may finally be coming true? Is the 31-year-old dancer finally falling for the broken cowboy of Texas?

For those who are unaware, Sharna Burgess and Bonner Bolton have repeatedly become the subject of dating rumors, most of which they have already shut down. Despite this, the DWTS pair seems to be hitting it off as their chemistry overflows on and off the Dancing with the Stars stage.

In fact, Sharna’s former DWTS dance partner James Hinchcliffe vouched that “there’s something there for sure,” in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

“You’ve got a very, very good looking Southern gentleman — it’s a very kind of different type but hey, whatever works, works. If he can make her happy, then…”

But while Sharna’s testimony comes off as heartfelt, it seems as though jumping into the possibility of dating the man is not really in the DWTS pro’s book as she continues to generalize men who have been paired with her since she began performing on Dancing with the Stars.

“Like I said before, I’ve connected with several of these guys who have incredible stories to tell,” she continued.

Do you think Sharna Burgess and Bonner Bolton will eventually become a couple? Sound off your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]