United Airlines Video No. 2 Shows Bloody Passenger Saying ‘Just Kill Me’ – Spilled Blood Caused De-boarding

Much of the Internet exploded after viewing the following video of a doctor being removed by force from a United Airlines flight that was scheduled to travel from Chicago to Louisville on Sunday night. The original video showing the United passenger being dragged from his seat, as reported by Yahoo, went viral on Monday. According to United Airlines passengers, the United Airlines flight had been oversold, and United began asking passengers to volunteer their seats for up to $800. Apparently no passengers were willing to bite, and more seats were needed in order for four United Airlines crew members to have seats, so United Airlines announced that passengers would begin being chosen in a random manner by a computer in order to give up their seats. One man chosen was a 69-year-old doctor who didn’t want to give up his seat, but wanted to go home to tend to his patients the next day.

Warning: The following videos showing the United Airlines passenger being removed from the plane and re-boarding are graphic and disturbing in nature.

The above video from Facebook user Audra D. Bridges has gotten more than 10.5 million views since being posted on Sunday. Audra described how upsetting it was for all of the United Airlines passengers to witness the man being removed with so much force that it left him bloody.

“Please share this video. We are on this flight. United airlines overbooked the flight. They randomly selected people to kick off so their crew could have a seat. This man is a doctor and has to be at the hospital in the morning. He did not want to get off. We are all shaky and so disgusted. #unitedairways — at Chicago O’Hare International Airport.”

Now additional footage shows the man after re-boarding the United Airlines flight, as seen in the next video. The man appears disoriented and desperate in the following video as he repeats that he could just be killed, but that he wanted to go home.

“Just kill me. Just kill me. I want to go home.”

Because of the melee, the United Airlines flight reportedly had to be de-planed and de-boarded anyway in order to clean up the man’s blood, as seen in the following photo.

According to WGN, although United Airlines has gotten plenty of backlash for the manner in which the man was removed from the plan, it is legal for airlines to ask passengers to be removed under certain circumstances. However, with videos of the United Airlines passenger’s bloodied face making the rounds, the backlash against United Airlines continues. United Airlines isn’t the first company to overbook a flight, and it is a common practice to overbook flights in the event that some passengers don’t show up for the flight.

However, the harsh treatment of the 69-year-old man has prompted boycott talk, especially in the wake of United Airlines’ CEO Oscar Munoz issuing an apology “for having to re-accommodate” the United Airlines passenger. The Chicago Police Department also is coming under fire for initially saying that the man fell and hit his face on an armrest, blaming that for his injury. However, the videos seem to speak for themselves, with outraged passengers making their displeasure known at the treatment of the man as he was being dragged off the United Airlines flight.

In the meantime, the Chicago officer involved is on leave as the situation is being reviewed.

The United Airlines Crew Members Were Berated By Passengers

Meanwhile, the four United Airlines crew members who boarded the plane got an earful from others who said they should be ashamed at their company and how the passenger was treated.

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