‘Jane The Virgin’ Season 3 Return Date, Updates On Episode 16 And Season Finale

Jane the Virgin Season 3 returns after a mini-layoff on Monday, April 24. The next episode, “Chapter Sixty,” is set to see Jane (Gina Rodriguez) having a fling with Fabian (Francisco San Martin), the new co-star of Rogelio (Jaime Camil).

In the previous episode of Jane the Virgin Season 3, Jane realized that she might be ready to start dating again. The episode saw her getting her groove back. She also went on a mini-golf date with Dennis (Christopher Allen), which ended with the latter deciding to patch up with his ex. And the closing moments of the episode introduced Fabian, who arrived flaunting his six-pack abs. The bare-chested man immediately caught the attention of Jane, and it seemed she was finally ready to dive into the dating waters, although for physical needs and not emotional intimacy.

The promo for Jane the Virgin Season 3, Episode 16 provides a glimpse of Jane and Fabian’s budding relationship. They seem to be getting along really well, much to the dismay of Rogelio. An angry Rogelio is seen telling Jane that if she continues to visit him on the set to ogle Fabian, he forbids it.

Rogelio’s anger, most likely, stems from his insecurity. The upcoming episode’s synopsis says that he is intimidated by Fabian and starts to feel that he is trying to sabotage his acting career.

Meanwhile, the synopsis of “Chapter Sixty” also reveals that Jane will finally become a published author, but there is likely to be some issues related to book promotion as she does not want to use her past to sell her book.

Elsewhere in the new episode of Jane the Virgin Season 3, Luisa (Yara Martinez) makes an appearance with her girlfriend Eileen (Elisabeth Rohm). They will be seen visiting Rafael ( Justin Baldoni).

“Jane is finally a published author but she’s reluctant to talk about her past to help sell her book. Rogelio is intimidated by his new younger male co-star and begins to wonder if the newbie is trying to sabotage him.Luisa (guest star Yara Martinez) and her girlfriend Eileen (guest star Elisabeth Rohm) are back in town to visit Rafael (Justin Baldoni), but Rafael isn’t taking any chances when it comes to safety. Meanwhile, Petra (Yael Grobglas) must convince Anezka (Yael Grobglas) to come back to Miami to answer some questions the police have for her.”

Jane the Virgin Season 3 also saw the narrator drop an interesting hint. He said that Jane had loved three men in her life, Michael (Brett Dier), Rafael and a first one. The episode did not reveal the identity of Jane’s first love. It seems that he might be making an appearance in the season finale. He is likely to be played by Tyler Posey.

Tyler Posey has been roped in for a multi-episode arc. The Teen Wolf actor’s character will be introduced in Jane the Virgin Season 3 finale, and he will return to reprise his role in Season 4 as well. Details about his role are being kept under wraps, but according to some reports, he will be playing someone from Jane’s past and her potential love interest.

Speaking of what is next for Jane when Jane the Virgin Season 3 returns, showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman told Deadline that a lot of light and joy were coming back, and also there were love interests, but the titular character would continue to deal with the curveballs.

“There is a lot of light and joy that are coming back. There are love interests, but it’s all, ‘how does she move on from all of this? At this point in the story, there is no life without Mateo, Jane is a mom, she can’t imagine her life without him. … For this character who is such a planner, these curveballs are really important to keep her growing and changing and moving and keep the storytelling not stale.”

Jane the Virgin Season 4 has already been renewed by The CW.

Watch here the promo for Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 16, which airs on Monday, April 24, on the CW, here.

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