‘Attack On Titan’ Season 2: Here’s Why The First Two Episodes Of ‘AOT’ Sequel Has Many Anime Fans Grumbling

Season 2 of Attack On Titan, an immensely popular Japanese anime based on mangaka Hajime Isayama’s manga Shingeki No Kyojin, premiered recently. However, fans of the series that have been patiently waiting for about three years, have been grumbling after the first two episodes.

Attack On Titan or AOT for short, returned with the second season of the anime after a hiatus of three years. While there have been clear indicators that the anime will closely follow the manga, Episodes 1 and 2 have been rather underwhelming for many. Fans waiting patiently for the anime’s sequel took to the internet to vent their frustration about AOT Season 2.

Interestingly, fans have been grumbling that even though the anime is doing justice to the manga, the prolonged wait wasn’t addressed adequately. It appears many who watched Episode 1 and 2 of Attack On Titan strongly felt that the creators should have offered a proper recap of the previous season instead of a painfully short one minute summary. It is quite evident from the first two episodes that the creators simply assumed that fans never forgot how Season 1 of Attack On Titan ended and picked up from where they left off three years ago.

Season 1 of AOT ended with a pretty big cliffhanger about the Titans hidden in the wall. In the sequel, Pastor Nick warns the members of the Elite Survey Corps to prevent sunlight from hitting the Titan partially visible from within a giant crack in the wall. Unfortunately, before the explanation about the cryptic warning, which also mentions something about the hardening ability of the beasts, a multitude of Titans jointly break through the Wall Rose.


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The episodes also show a group of soldiers attempting to deal with a barrage of Titans. Season 2 of Attack On Titan introduces several new aspects about the man-eating gigantic beasts. The manga, as well as the anime, had made it amply clear that the Titans were quite powerful and craved human flesh. However, they were rather dimwitted and lacked the ability to speak or communicate. However, in Season 2 of AOT, one of the Titans, identified as the Beast Titan, who is covered in fur, displays remarkable intelligence and understanding. If that’s not all, it possess the ability to speak.

Readers of manga Attack On Titan know well that quite a few people possess the ability to transform into a Titan. Hence it is only a matter of time that the creators of the anime reveal who transforms into these Titans with special abilities. As reported by the Inquisitr recently, Season 2 of Attack On Titan is merely 12 episodes long. Hence Episode 3 of AOT could reveal more details about these man-eating creatures. Incidentally, Shingeki No Kyojin anime’s sequel will also reveal more about Ymir and Krista’s Relationship.

[Featured Image by Hajime Isayama/Attack On Titan/Funimation]