‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Anna Can’t Quit Valentin – Nina Takes Action

General Hospital spoilers promise there is more story to be told between Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) and Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart). What was only ancient history between these two might come roaring back to life as new passion, putting everything they both hold dear at risk.

Was Valentin With Anna Or Alexandra?

Many General Hospital watchers were left scratching their heads last week after Anna confessed to sleeping with Valentin because she was compelled to do so by Cesar Faison (Anders Hove). At the same time, Anna didn’t seem quite herself when she unburdened herself to Valentin.

Anna was also “off” when she spoke to Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen) outside Kelly’s. That left many wondering if confessional Anna was, in fact, really her All My Children twin Alexandra Devane (also played by Finola Hughes) and he slept with Alex, not Anna. So far, though, that seems to be strictly a General Hospital rumor, not a spoiler.

Valentin Gets A Gift

Other General Hospital spoilers for this week show Valentin getting a gift on Wednesday, April 12. Could it be that Anna has sent Valentin a token of her esteem to show she regrets ruining his life? Anna was tearful and tender with Valentin when she went to Wyndemere to confess, so it seems likely.

Anna reassured Valentin, on last week’s General Hospital episode, that their night together meant something to her too and she cares for him. Anna even held his hand tenderly. Valentin struggled with tears and it seemed like the pair were healing old wounds and also sparking new flames.

Nina Returns To Wyndemere

General Hospital spoilers say Mrs. Nina Cassadine (Michelle Stafford) is back at Wyndemere the same day and she won’t be happy to know Anna was there in her absence. Was Nina out of town while Anna and Valentin were making heartfelt confessions in the creepy Spoon Island castle?

With Nina back, she will not want Anna anywhere near her husband, but it doesn’t seem like Anna can stay away. Valentin knows a bit of Nina’s history, but he really has no idea the depths of deviousness to which his wife can sink when she’s in a mental spiral. Nina seems poised to snap.

Anna Life Is At Risk

Other General Hospital spoilers for this week predict Anna’s interest in Valentin will put her life at risk, but from whom? Clearly Faison has a hand in the undercurrent of what’s happening but he’s out of town and Kathleen Gati (portrayer of Dr. Liesl Obrecht) says Anders Hove is too busy to return to GH.

It seems far more likely that the source of risk for Anna is closer to home and right under Valentin’s nose. Nina is willing to sink to any depths to get what she wants, as we know from General Hospital history. Too bad Valentin didn’t do a thorough background check before he got hitched to nutty Nina!

Nina Vs Anna Over Valentin?

Recent General Hospital spoilers from Soap She Knows say the same day Nina returns to Wyndemere, Anna “gains the upper hand” and that must be about Nina and Valentin since it’s Anna’s primary storyline right now. Both Anna and Valentin would do well to be cautious about Nina.

Clearly, there is long-standing chemistry between Anna and Valentin. Last week on General Hospital, he told her she was the first woman he ever made love to. We now know Anna was the first woman to willingly bed the formerly disfigured man. Prior to Anna, Valentin said he had to pay women for sex.

What Will Nina Do?

If you know your General Hospital history, you know Nina is a bit “off.” When Nina came out of her coma, she went after Silas Clay (Michael Easton) and pursued a revenge scheme. After kidnapping Ava Jerome’s (Maura West) baby, Nina wound up in Shadybrook Sanitarium on General Hospital years ago.

Nina can get scary and violent when she’s unhinged and Valentin betraying her over Anna is something she won’t take lightly. So far, Anna and Valentin haven’t crossed any lines, but General Hospital spoilers tease the chemistry between the two is undeniable and something shifts soon.

Be sure to watch GH this week to see what happens with these General Hospital spoilers.

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