April 10, 2017
WWE News: Kofi Kingston Needs Ankle Surgery, The Revival Given Credit For Breaking It

Last week on WWE Monday Night Raw, former NXT tag team champions The Revival made their main roster debut by accepting a challenge from former WWE tag champions New Day. The Revival won their WWE main-roster debut match and then proceeded to "break" the ankle of Kofi Kingston after the match using a double team move to injure him.

The WWE is advertising that Kofi Kingston now needs surgery on his ankle and The Revival are bragging about breaking it on Monday Night Raw last week. The Revival even went as far as to wear shirts and post photos on Twitter that read "we broke Kofi's ankle." This is another old-school reference as Greg "The Hammer" Valentine once wore a shirt in old-school NWA that read "I broke Wahoo's leg," after he broke the leg of Wahoo McDaniel in an angle.

The Revival developed a reputation down in NXT as an old-school tag team similar to The Brainbusters (Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard). They had the tag line "No Flips Just Fists" in NXT, which was their way of saying that they didn't care about the new-school, high-impact wrestling style and just wanted to beat up their opponents.

The Revival included that tag in their Twitter post along with the new tag "Monday Night Revival." There is almost no doubt that The Revival shows up on Monday Night Raw tonight, and the breaking of Kofi Kingston's ankle is advertised as part of a new WWE storyline, leading to what looks like their first WWE feud with New Day members Xavier Woods and Big E.

This all comes at an interesting time in the WWE. One of the biggest rumored moves in the Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live roster shake-up was sending New Day to SmackDown Live to help freshen up their tag team division. While Big E and Xavier Woods would be a fine tag team, the only way the feud with The Revival could continue in the WWE would be if they went to SmackDown Live as well.

It seems unlikely, although possible, that the WWE would have The Revival debut on Monday Night Raw and then move them to SmackDown Live one week later. Both teams could be huge on

Both teams could be huge on SmackDown Live, especially if The Revival restarts their feud with American Alpha as well. The feud between The Revival and American Alpha was one of the top feuds on NXT before the WWE called up Alpha, who has been floundering despite holding the SmackDown Live tag team titles.

SmackDown Live just lost one of their tag teams in The Vaudevillains when the WWE released Simon Gotch on April 5. That means they need the help with new tag teams, so there is no telling what could happen tonight when the WWE roster shake-up begins on Monday Night Raw.

WWE News: Kofi Kingston Needs Ankle Surgery, The Revival Given Credit For Breaking It
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Even if New Day leaves Monday Night Raw and The Revival stay on the brand after tonight's roster shake-up, the team could still brag about taking out Kofi Kingston and use it to really get a lot of heat. New Day was one of the most popular WWE tag teams of the last two years, and they could really help The Revival get over as the mainstream fans get to know them.

There is also the chance that the WWE roster shake-up could bring up some more NXT talent. DIY is a rumored call-up, whether it is as a tag team or as part of the Cruiserweight division. Moving New Day to SmackDown Live and having DIY show up on Monday Night Raw could keep the WWE tag team division strong behind the Hardy Boyz as champions.

The WWE roster shake-up starts tonight on Monday Night Raw and continues tomorrow night on SmackDown Live.

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