‘Better Call Saul’ Season 3 Premiere: Everything We Know So Far, Including Gus’ Return

Better Call Saul Season 3 premieres Monday night on AMC, featuring the arrival of a Breaking Bad favorite. The AMC drama is back for 10 new episodes, with Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) struggling to gain control of his life and his career despite his brother Chuck’s (Michael McKean) antagonistic actions.

Fans will remember in the Better Call Saul Season 2 finale that Jimmy admitted to Chuck that he falsified documents in the Mesa Verde case in order to help Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn). The final shot revealed that Chuck had been secretly recording his entire conversation with Jimmy, and the question now is what Chuck is going to do with this tape confession. Kim may now have the Mesa Verde account, but all of that could change with the release of this tape, considering she is an accomplice to Jimmy’s crime.

Meanwhile, Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks) was last seen being warned not to assassinate Hector “Tio” Salamanca (Mark Margolis) as his strained association with the Salamancas, Nacho (Michael Mando), and more continued.

Jonathan Banks as Mike Ehrmantraut in 'Better Call Saul' Season 3
Jonathan Banks on the look-out as Mike in 'Better Call Saul' Season 3 [Image by Michele K. Short/AMC/Sony Pictures]

So what’s in store for Season 3 of Better Call Saul? AMC has not revealed too many details, but the synopsis for Season 3 certainly suggests that Chuck’s recording is about to complicate things significantly for Jimmy and Kim. The synopsis for Season 3 of Better Call Saul is as follows.

As the new season begins, the repercussions of Chuck’s scheme test Jimmy and Kim’s fledgling law practices and their romance as never before. This imminent existential threat presses Jimmy’s faltering moral compass to the limit. Meanwhile, Mike searches for a mysterious adversary who seems to know almost everything about his business. As the season progresses, new characters are introduced and backstories are further illuminated with meaningful nods to the ‘Breaking Bad’ universe.”

One of those “meaningful nods” to Breaking Bad is Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito). AMC previously revealed that the quirky yet menacing character from Breaking Bad will show up in Season 3 of Better Call Saul, with Season 3 exploring how he built his Los Pollos Hermanos into an empire. Mike was closely associated with Gus in Breaking Bad so we may also see more insight into their working relationship. Gus was never seen with Jimmy on Breaking Bad (where Jimmy was known as Saul Goodman).

Giancarlo Esposito reprises role as Gus Fring in 'Better Call Saul'
Giancarlo Esposito returns as Gus Fring in 'Better Call Saul' [Image by Robert Trachtenberg/AMC/Sony Pictures]

The synopsis for Monday night’s Better Call Saul Season 3 premiere, titled “Mabel”, reveals that Jimmy and Chuck’s complicated relationship “deteriorates,” as Kim deals with life as a solo practitioner and Mike tries to get to the bottom of the note left on his car warning him to not kill Hector.

You can check out a sneak peek from the Better Call Saul Season 3 premiere below.

Reviews for Season 3 of Better Call Saul are stronger than ever, with an 88 on Metacritic compared to the 78 for Season 1 and the 85 for Season 2.

Newsday’s rave indicates that Season 3 is going to be incredibly strong, writing, “Based on the first two episodes, Saul is making a case that it could be even better than ‘Breaking Bad’.”

The Better Call Saul Season 3 premiere airs Monday night at 10/9c on AMC. For those who miss the premiere, AMC is re-airing it at 12:10 a.m./11:10 p.m., 1:20/12:20c, and 3:30/2:30c. Additionally, there will be a new episode of Better Call Saul after-show Talking Saul at 11:10/10:10c, in which host Chris Hardwick chats live with guests about the premiere. Talking Saul will then re-run at 2:30/1:30c and 4:40/3:30c.

If you cannot watch the Season 3 premiere of Better Call Saul on television, you can live stream it on the AMC website. You will need to log in with your cable subscription information to access the live stream. There are also plenty of TV subscription apps carrying AMC, including Sling TV and DirecTV Now.

[Featured Image by Michele K. Short/AMC/Sony Pictures]