April 10, 2017
Joseph Jakubowski: Janesville, Wisconsin Search Continues For Man Who Targeted Donald Trump With Manifesto

The Joseph Jakubowski manhunt in Janesville, Wisconsin, intensifies as police officers search for the alleged gun thief who wrote a 161-page Donald Trump manifesto. Area schools have been put on alert while the police search for the anti-Trump suspect they have deemed both well-armed and dangerous.

Joseph Jakubowski, 32, not only threatened the president in the lengthy Donald Trump manifesto, but he also declared his intentions to unleash the deadly power of the weapons he said he possesses on both public officials and schools, Fox News reports. The Rock County Sheriff's Office also revealed the Janesville, Wisconsin, man said he intended on expressing his "anti-religious" views.

"There it is you see it's getting shipped. Revolution! It's time for change," Jakubowski said in a cell phone video made when mailing the manifesto to President Trump that was released by the local sheriff's office.

More than 150 federal agents, police officers, and sheriff's deputies are currently involved in the Joseph Jakubowski manhunt. The FBI is offering a $10,000 reward for information that leads to the suspect's arrest.

Joseph Jakubowski also allegedly referenced dying by the hand of President Trump. He reportedly stated a desire to save the country by killing one politician at a time, ABC News reports.

The man behind the Donald Trump manifesto is accused of robbing the Armageddon Gun Shop in Janesville last Thursday. The city is located about 70 miles southeast of Milwaukee. Police commander Troy Knudson said officers found Joseph Jakubowski's car on fire near the gun store about 30 minutes after it was robbed. According to Knudson, there was evidence of arson present at the scene.

The firearms Jakubowski is accused of stealing from the Armageddon Gun Shop in Janesville include multiple semi-automatic rifles and at least several high-caliber handguns. Law enforcement officials also believe the Donald Trump manifesto author has a military-style helmet and a bulletproof vest in his possession.

Although law enforcement officials still maintain they are unaware of any specific threat posed by Jakubowski, they have stepped up patrols near churches. Schools in Rock County are on spring break this week, eliminating the immediate need to secure the educational facilities for safety reasons or to cancel classes.

Joseph Jakubowski mailed the Donald Trump manifesto to the president on April 4. According to the Rock County Sheriff's Office, the 161-page document levied a long list of "grievances against the government" and "personal angst" against anyone and anything that flies in the face of "natural law or rule."

"When you look at the [manifesto] it is a laundry list of injustices he believes government and society and the upper class have put onto the rest of the citizens. He believes that the government, and law enforcement in particular, are acting as terrorists and are enslaving the people and creating this environment that he finds unacceptable," a statement from the Janesville area sheriff said.


The manifesto mailing video is about 15 minutes long. During the initial moments of the video, the screen is primarily black but two men talking can be heard in the background. A man police have identified as Joseph Jakubowski is shown inside the post office. The man is then shown holding up an envelope he says contains the manifesto with President Trump's name on the cover.

Another man talking off-camera responds to the call to "revolution" by the manhunt suspect by saying, "Its D Day. Today is the day. So remember this face."

Jakubowski also reportedly says "Game time. F**k the system" before the end of the post office video.

Joseph Jakubowski has a long history of clashes with law enforcement, according to a report by the Heavy. An image of just page one of the Donald Trump manifesto author's crime sheet revealed more than 25 low-level crimes, many of which were traffic cases.

The manhunt target has not been in substantial legal trouble since 2008. That year, he was convicted on charges related to the disarming of a police officer and jumping bail. He ultimately received probation in the case, which involved the taking of a holstered sidearm from a police officer during a fight.

The Janesville man has also been convicted of battery in a domestic violence-related case. This was the second of three times the anti-Trump suspect was convicted of battery, along with another case of resisting a police officer. He has also been arrested on felony marijuana and operation of a drug house charges.

What do you think Joseph Jakubowski is planning on doing if he is not caught during the manhunt?

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