April 10, 2017
Selena Gomez Loves This More Than Her Boyfriend The Weeknd

Selena Gomez is all about her faith these days. It's one of the things that helped her handle her anxiety and depression from her lupus diagnosis. The singer entered a 90-day treatment facility in August 2015 amid her Revival World Tour. Though Selena was at the top of her game, she did not feel quite right. She had to step away from the spotlight and focus on herself as well as her health.

Gomez has made it a point that she loves her faith. Her Instagram bio reads, "By grace through faith." In her first-ever U.S. Vogue cover story, Gomez revealed she's a homebody. She would rather go to church and travel with her girlfriends than go on Instagram, party, or even hang out with her boyfriend. Church has been a big part of Gomez's life. She remembers the after-church Sunday barbecues she would have with her family.

"For a change, it feels like I don't have to be holding my breath and waiting for somebody to judge a piece of work that I'm doing," she said about her faith and newfound lifestyle. "I'm not eager to chase a moment. I don't think there's a moment for me to chase."

"I think seventeen people have my phone number," she added. "Maybe two are famous."

Those two people are probably Taylor Swift and The Weeknd. Selena has been inspired to "do what is right" thanks to Pastor Judah Smith. The 24-year-old took to her Instagram account to share a photo of him along with an inspiring message.

"Today I watched a sermon from one of my favorites. 'I don't really understand myself, for I want to do what is right, but I don't do it. Instead, I do what I hate.' Romans 7:15," she captioned it.

According to Christian Today, Gomez didn't expand further on the scripture. However, her fans were delighted to see she's still practicing her faith.

"Aww this is inspiring, thank you," one fan wrote. Another added, "Wow, bless you for being a Christian in Hollywood! Must be difficult."

The Texas-born singer regularly attends church, bible study, and has been outspoken about her faith in the past. When she performed at the Quebec summer festival last year, she said how there "is so much s**t going on in the world," but her faith has helped her get through it, reports the Mirror.

"There is so much s**t going in the world…Sometimes you wake up and you don't have it in you. You try and get up. But I wake up and I worship. The older we get, the more insecure we get. It's backward. I got to show my worst to you. All the hard times that I have had."
The "Kill 'Em With Kindess" singer chose this specific festival to finish her Revival World Tour before she entered rehab. Selena hinted to her fans that she has been struggling with her inner demons. However, she stayed positive and motivative by focusing on her faith. She performed her hit songs including "Good For You" and "Me & My Girls."

Gomez previously dated Justin Bieber, who's also outspoken about his Christian faith. He found that expanding on his religion has helped him through some dark moments in his life. The two were seen attending Carl Lentz's super church, Hillsong, which is described as "Arcade Fire – it's epic like that," according to The Cut.

It's kind of a hipster megachurch that attracts most of young Hollywood. The Pentecostal church is led by Pastor Carl Lentz who swaps traditional robe for a black motorcycle jacket and skinny jeans. Hillsong was founded in Australia, but now has locations in NYC and L.A. Its A-list parishioners include Kendall Jenner, Kevin Durant, and Vanessa Hudgens.

Selena Gomez has found that her faith pulls her through, as well as her therapy and counseling sessions.

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