‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Scheana Shay Already Talking Marriage With New Beau Robert Valletta?

The Vanderpump Rules reunion has been an emotional affair so far – especially for Scheana Shay. In an interview with Page Six, the reality star revealed that she almost cried nonstop during the reunion after confronting her ex-husband, Michael Shay. But is she already talking marriage with new boyfriend Robert Valletta?

“I don’t think there was a second where I wasn’t crying,” Shay told the outlet before the first part of the reunion.

Shay’s emotional encounter was the first time she had seen her estranged husband since production ended for Season 5. Even though Shay wasn’t able to control her emotions during the reunion, she knew ahead of time that Michael would be there. Even still, the memories of two years of marriage proved too much to handle.

“It was just, not because I was sad, well I was sad, not that the relationship was over, but someone who was in my life, half my life for 15 years, he was my best friend and that hurt more than losing a husband,” she explained. “This was my roommate, this was my partner, this was my best friend and it was hard when I saw him again. It brought back so many memories and then we’re having to rehash everything.”

Shay filed divorce papers back in November. The two remained on good terms at first, but it didn’t take long before their relationship turned sour. Although the show has hinted that Michael’s cheating ways ended their relationship, it was Shay who jumped in head-first about the real reason behind the split.

Scheana and Michael Shay prior to their split. [Image by Bravo]

“I don’t think he knew how much I was going to go for the jugular,” she admitted. “I feel like I’m going to look like a cold-hearted b***h, but it’s like, well, you kind of broke me.”

Shay and Michael eventually made up during the Vanderpump Rules reunion and even hugged before parting ways. For Shay, the scene was so emotional that she doesn’t remember anything she or Michael said during the final minutes they were together.


Despite her emotional blackout, Bravo TV reports that Shay is already thinking about marrying her new boyfriend, Robert Valletta. During an appearance on The Daily Dish, Shay was asked about settling down with Valletta and exchanging vows a second time. In response, the Vanderpump Rules star admitted that she has long-term goals for her new beau.

Shay assured fans that they are taking everything slow but added that she “wouldn’t be dating someone” without a future in mind. Given her age and recently failed marriage, Shay added that she sees a “long future” with Valletta and only hopes that the feeling is mutual.

When it comes to signing a prenuptial agreement, Shay stands firm in her decision to avoid signing one. Her marriage with Michael didn’t last long, but Shay has zero regrets in not having a prenup. For her, entering a marriage is all about trusting your spouse and not preparing for the worst possible outcome.

Apart from all the wedding talk, Radar Online reports that Shay is also pursuing her own spin-off. Shay is getting ready to launch her own show, titled Sheananigans, on AfterBuzz TV. The series is described as a “digital talk show” where Shay will get to say whatever she wants about her SUR co-stars.


Shay doesn’t have a specific direction for the series but wants it to recap episodes of Vanderpump Rules. She’s also going to throw in several games and is very excited about hosting her own show. Quinton Aaron is scheduled to be her first guest when the series airs in April.

The Vanderpump Rules reunion continues Monday night on Bravo.

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