April 10, 2017
Jessa Duggar Allegedly Cancels Ohio Appearance Amid Controversy Over 'Fashionably Modest' Speech

Jessa Duggar is quite possibly the favorite Duggar among fans. She has been outspoken on several occasions, and her husband, Ben Seewald, falls more on the liberal side of the tracks than any of the other men who married into the family. Duggar and Seewald welcomed their second child in February and are now raising two little boys. Their little family is growing and will continue to grow into the foreseeable future.

Part of being in the public eye for the Duggar family includes filming their reality television show, Counting On, and also making public appearances on behalf of organizations they support with a little bit of self-promotion when necessary. Jessa Duggar had planned to attend a retreat in Ohio this month to give a speech about dressing modestly in today's world. She is somewhat of a style icon among girls in similar situations and had planned to talk about how she is able to pull it off.

The speech Jessa Duggar was due to give was titled "Fashionably Modest." Stipulations were placed on the event that children under the age of 9 were not permitted to enter and men would also be banned from the event. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Jessa Duggar may have canceled the appearance. There has been no official comment from the event organizers or Duggar yet, but the page with the information on the address was pulled down.

There has been growing controversy surrounding Jessa Duggar speaking at this event. Because the Duggars are part of a group of Quiverfull families, there are some pretty heavy accusations being thrown around. Their alleged beliefs would be laughed at my many, though they continue to practice and preach them. These families were made public after Josh Duggar's scandals broke in 2015. As the pieces were put together, much of what was alleged made sense to critics who have been speaking out about the family all along. Jessa had been enlisted to teach both children and young women how to dress appropriately so that they wouldn't tempt the men they are around in their everyday lives. This would include covering up from nearly head to toe, with Duggar suggesting what clothing would make them look stylish without compromising anything.

Fans are going to be incredibly disappointed if Jessa Duggar did indeed cancel her appearance without a statement. There haven't been many appearances made by the Duggars since 2015, and the fans were looking forward to seeing her speak. She generally travels with her sisters as they have done speaking engagements for their books and performed their music all over the country. The event was supposed to take place next week and, for now, the retreat is still happening, but the actual addressed appears to be canceled. With something like this, it could have been removed due to being sold out or in order to protect Duggar as news of her appearance was spreading fast.

Several questions about how Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald make money have come up since the two married. They both are paid to appear on Counting On, and speaking engagements sometimes pay a little more than people expect. It is unclear what Duggar is paid to show up and address the crowd, but it is likely worth it for the few hours or days she has to put forth the effort. As the date draws near for the event, there is some expectation that she will have canceled the appearance for one reason or another. Jessa Duggar isn't one to dwell on things, and while this is something she clearly wanted to do, she will be able to reach people with or without giving the address in Ohio.

[Featured Image by Jessa Seewald/Twitter]