April 10, 2017
'Grey's Anatomy' EP Teases Fiery Blaze In Season 13 Finale

Shonda Rhimes has shared a little about the Grey's Anatomy Season 13 finale, teasing a fiery blaze. The EP says that the episode will be "on fire," and that is the only way to fully describe everything that fans can expect. This doesn't mean a literal fire will hit the hospital, but it wouldn't be the first time the doctors have been put at risk in their own walls.

Carter Matt suggests that the tease could mean that the hearts of Grey's Anatomy characters are ablaze. This season has certainly seen numerous love interests developing, including Meredith and Riggs and Arizona and Eliza. Jackson and April shared a night together recently, but now there are rumors that Jackson and Maggie will become a couple.

If it is a literal blaze, it is possible that there will be a fire or bomb in the hospital. It wouldn't be the first time that Grey Sloan Memorial was faced with a bomb threat. Back in Grey's Anatomy Season 2, a patient came in with a bomb in his chest, leading to the arrival of the bomb squad. Meredith was the center of the episode, as she placed her hand on the bomb when the paramedic (played by Christina Ricci) ran out of Burke's OR in fear. While the bomb exploded, it didn't cause major destruction to the hospital.

This Season 13 finale storyline could be a much larger threat. Considering many other shows are focusing on terrorist attacks and current events, it is possible that Rhimes would take a similar focus for Grey's Anatomy.

Debbie Allen, who has directed the Grey's Anatomy Season 13 finale and plays Catherine Avery on the show, says that the episode is "going to be hot for real." This still doesn't give any clues as to what to expect regarding literal fire or a metaphorical one.

As well as a blaze, former Glee star Matthew Morrison has been spotted on the set of the ABC show. There are rumors that he will play Jo's ex-husband, although nobody has confirmed such a character yet. His character has been described as a doctor, who is manipulative but charming. This type of personality would work for an abusive man.

Most of the focus is on this week's episode of Grey's Anatomy, which looks to be set fully within a commercial plane. Meredith and Riggs will be sat side-by-side, as the plane hits a storm and suffers from severe turbulence. It is clear that Meredith will have visions of the plane crash that she was in during the Season 8 finale, but it is unlikely that she will be involved in yet another plane crash.

During the trailer, it appears that Meredith and Riggs have a chance to discuss the current situation between them. Meredith finally agreed to go on a date, only for her to cancel at the last minute when Maggie came home in tears. While Maggie had focused on her work throughout the episode, she broke down at the very end, as she is still not over the grief.

Riggs is clearly upset that he is always put last. He also has to deal with Arizona's comment about Meredith and Derek being epic loves. Like many fans, Arizona didn't see Meredith being with anyone else after Derek's death. There are fans calling for Meredith to remain single, focusing on her three children. However, Meredith has decided it is time to move on, and she looks like she wants to do that with Riggs.

Grey's Anatomy Season 13 continues on Thursday at 8 p.m. on ABC. The "hot" Season 13 finale will air in May.

[Featured Image by Leon Bennett/Getty Images]