April 10, 2017
WWE Rumors: Top Five Moves Rumored To Happen In Tonight's Superstar Shake-Up On 'Monday Night Raw'

Tonight on Monday Night Raw, the Superstar Shake-Up is set to officially begin, and there are many rumors flying around as to which superstars could be on the move. The big event is set to take place over the course of two nights with it starting on Raw and finishing up tomorrow on SmackDown Live, and that gives time for plenty of transactions. Now, let's check out some of the rumors swirling around as to what moves could be made tonight.

The speculation has been running wild for this Superstar Shake-Up, and word has it that WWE has been changing their minds left and right. The powers that be are weighing all options and the possible implications they could have on Raw or SmackDown.

One of the biggest rumors is that AJ Styles is heading over to Raw and it appears as if the WWE Slam trading card game app may have actually spoiled that move. According to Wrestling Inc., the game will have new red and blue cards based on moves happening during the Superstar Shake-up.

One of the cards shown is that of AJ Styles who happens to be on a red card for Monday Night Raw.

wwe rumors monday night raw moves names superstar shake-up styles reigns flair
[Image by WWE]

The app also shows an outline of Charlotte Flair for a team blue card which would insinuate that she is heading to SmackDown Live. The former champion has been the focus of a lot of rumors, and she may end up on Tuesday nights very soon.

Cageside Seats is reporting that there is a possible trade which is getting a lot of attention and it is Charlotte to SmackDown and Alexa Bliss heading to Raw. While this rumor is going on, another one adding some fuel to the fire is the idea of Sasha Banks going to Team Blue as well, but it isn't known who she would be traded for.

As of now, it isn't even confirmed if the superstars know who will be moving or not. Lana spoke with TV Insider this week and said she loves where she is on Raw but wouldn't be against moving to SmackDown Live because it is "an incredible show."

The Superstar Shake-Up is going to consist of trades, deals, and "other moves" according to what Vince McMahon said last week. Heavy reports that The New Day are expected to head to SmackDown Live and rejuvenate a lackluster tag team division, but it isn't known who would be traded to Mondays in their place.

Fans of both brands need to prepare as their favorite WWE superstars could be moving nights and it will make for some exciting new match-ups.

wwe rumors monday night raw moves names superstar shake-up styles reigns flair
[Image by WWE]

Since anything is possible to happen, that also means a couple more NXT call-ups could happen tonight or tomorrow. Fansided is reporting that Elias Samson and/or Andrade "Cien" Almas could be on the main roster of WWE before the week is out.

So, at this time, the top five rumored moves for the WWE Superstar Shake-Up are the following.

  1. AJ Styles to Raw
  2. The New Day to SmackDown
  3. Alex Bliss to Raw
  4. Charlotte Flair to SmackDown
  5. Sasha Banks to SmackDown
According to the Wrestling Observer, no moves are set in stone for the Superstar Shake-Up as WWE was changing things up as recently as this weekend. While some seemed to be total locks (AJ Styles to Raw), it now appears as if nothing is confirmed and may not be until they actually take place.

Even if one of these big rumored moves doesn't happen this evening on Monday Night Raw, that doesn't mean it won't go down. With WWE making sure that a lot of focus is on the Superstar Shake-Up, it will begin this evening and continue through SmackDown Live on Tuesday, and that means so much could happen. AJ Styles for Roman Reigns? Charlotte Flair for Alexa Bliss? The New Day to Team Blue? Anything is possible, and this will be a fun Monday night.

[Featured Image by WWE]