April The Giraffe’s Official Live Stream Feed Now: Hoax Animal Adventure Park Videos Show April Giving Birth

According to Facebook, typing the word “giraffe” into their search engine automatically provides Facebook’s search suggestions such as “giraffe giving birth live” and “giraffe giving birth live stream” and more. The Facebook searches prove that plenty of people want to watch April the giraffe giving birth live, but those who are searching for the real, official giraffe cam might learn that they aren’t watching April the giraffe live at all, but previously recorded video hijacked from April the giraffe’s official feed. In order to watch April the giraffe give birth to her new calf during #giraffewatch2017, watch the official Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Cam, as seen below.

April The Giraffe’s Live Feed Stream Is Now Copied By YouTube Fakes

Those viewers who don’t have ad-blocking tools will note that viewing the official feed of the Animal Adventure Park on YouTube comes with a “pre-roll” ad and the constant Toys’R’Us logo on the bottom left-hand side of the official video. That’s because it takes money to set up the instrumentation to constantly stream April the giraffe’s live feed, so who can blame the zoo for wanting to recoup funds for running April the giraffe’s live feed?

However, that same thought process is why other fake accounts on YouTube are grabbing April the giraffe’s live feed, or creating videos that might appear to look like April the giraffe’s live feed now, but are actually recordings from April the giraffe’s live stream. As of this writing, the official Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Cam, found on YouTube at the link Animal Adventure Park, has approximately 120,000 YouTube viewers watching April’s live stream. Expect that number to swell as April the giraffe goes into active labor and begins giving birth.

But the copied account Animal Adventure Park HD only has 900 viewers currently watching the video on YouTube. And although their latest video is titled “LIVE STREAM: Animal Adventure Park Cam – April The Giraffe Giving Birth Live Stream Today,” the video is obviously pre-recorded based on comparisons to the real live stream. The official live stream reads “Copyright Animal Adventure Park” in the right-hand bottom side of the official live stream.

“Not for recorded reuse or streaming without consent.”

However, some opportunists are likely relying on the fair use doctrine and skipping right over that warning in order to dupe certain YouTube viewers into thinking they are watching April the Giraffe live now, when in actuality they are watching old footage from the official April the Giraffe live cam.

With the impending birth of the new calf purportedly any day now, it’s all the more important for YouTube viewers to find the correct April the giraffe cam to not miss the birth from the real Animal Adventure Park live stream. Another way to ensure that viewers are watching the Animal Adventure Park giraffe cam live is to check out the “About” page of the official Animal Adventure Park’s YouTube channel, which right now has 499,246 subscribers and a total of 200,528,502 views on their YouTube channel. Having just joined YouTube on February 9, the official zoo points to their Facebook page in the description and contains the following description on their YouTube channel.

“Pet, Feed, Ride…Repeat! Animal Adventure is an interactive educational animal park; designed to promote up close and hands-on animal encounters! Hand feed many domestic and exotic animal ambassadors or get within feet of our cute, but less cuddly, carnivores. Alligators, Bison, Camels… Wolves, Yaks, Zebra and almost every letter in between! Over 200 Animals, 70+ Species www.TheAnimalAdventurePark.com 85 Martin Hill Rd, Harpursville, NY 13787”

Duplicate channels may have the same verbiage as the Animal Adventure Park giraffe cam but generally have fewer subscribers on YouTube, even if they have “live” stamped all over their purported Animal Adventure Park giraffe cam videos on YouTube. No doubt the fake Animal Adventure Park live streams are hoping to confuse enough people into thinking that they are the real Animal Adventure YouTube channel in order to make money off the fervor. Setting up fake Animal Adventure Park giraffe cams on YouTube and adding ads to them could bring revenue to the channels. Meanwhile, the Animal Adventure Park Facebook page keeps providing updates as to April the giraffe’s birth status for her new calf.

[Featured Image by Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images]