'Teen Mom' Kailyn Lowry Drops New Hints About Baby Daddy No. 3: Could It Be Chris Lopez?

Kailyn Lowry is starting to open up about her new baby daddy. The Teen Mom 2 star recently revealed that she is currently dating a new man following her divorce from Javi Marroquin. Will she reveal his identity in the coming weeks?

OK! Magazine reports that Lowry couldn't help but gush about her new man during an interview on Ask the Moms. While she kept the details to a minimum, Lory revealed that he's a really nice and attractive guy.

"I'm like, kind of seeing someone," she stated. "Yeah, he's really nice. He's super hot!"

Nessa, the host of the show, then asked Lowry to rate her boyfriend from 1 to 10. "He's like a 12!" Lowry shot back.

Lowry doesn't want to reveal her boyfriend's identity because she doesn't want other girls chasing him around. Of course, Lowry also didn't confirm that her boyfriend is the father of her third baby, so the real baby daddy could be a completely different person.

Lowry confirmed her pregnancy after weeks of speculation and denial. Her publicist then released a few more details about the situation and revealed that the father is a friend of Lowry whom she dated for a time.

"This was Kail's choice and she is 100 percent happy. Kail can't wait to welcome the new addition to her family this summer," the publicist explained.

Although it isn't known if Lowry was referring to her third baby daddy in the interview, The Hollywood Gossip reports that the timing matches up. The interview was filmed back in November, which is around the same time Lowry conceived the baby. This definitely increases the chances that her boyfriend is the father.

Kailyn Lowry has been involved with three men since her breakup with Marroquin. She is rumored to have had a short fling with Tyler Hill while Marroquin was deployed overseas. However, they never officially dated. She is also close to her Teen Mom producer, J.C. Cueva. Cueva has discussed his friendship with Lowry in the past but, once again, the two have never dated.

The third, and most probable candidate, is Chris Lopez. Not only did Lopez and Lowry date for a time but they also exchanged cryptic posts on social media about having babies. No proof has surfaced to back up these claims, but Lopez is a strong candidate.

According to Wet Paint, Lowry is currently 20 weeks pregnant with her new baby. This pregnancy is the third baby for Lowry, who has two children from different relationships. Lowry had her first child with ex-boyfriend Jo Rivera. She later had a kid with ex-husband Javi Marroquin, with whom she divorced last year.

There's no telling when Lowry is making the big announcement about her new baby daddy. When she finally comes clean, however, it doesn't sound like the father is planning on playing a large role in the child's life.

"We don't know how involved the father will be," Lowry's publicist added. "[She] will release that information when she's ready."

Season 7 of Teen Mom is currently underway, so it's unknown if any of the baby drama will make it on Season 8. Filming for the new season will likely begin within a few months. This should give producers plenty of time to capture Lowry's new pregnancy.

It isn't known if Lowry's ex-husband knows the identity of the father. The couple separated in 2016 in part because of Marroquin's desire to have more children. At the time of their divorce, Lowry revealed that she didn't want any more kids with Marroquin.

Fans can watch Kailyn Lowry in action when new episodes of Teen Mom 2 return later this year on MTV.

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