Bonner Bolton Taking ‘Baby Steps’ As He Looks For Real-Life Romance With Sharna Burgess

Bonner Bolton and Sharna Burgess have denied that they are in a romantic relationship, but the Dancing with the Stars super couple is reportedly taking "baby steps" as they try to figure out their feelings for one another. Hollywood Life reports that an insider close to Bonner Bolton says the pro bull rider is freaking out over fans' obsession over his undeniable chemistry with the gorgeous DWTS pro.

"Having people know his relationship status really freaks [Bonner] out, and though he likes Sharna, he wants to take his time and let things happen when it happens," the source told Hollywood Life.

"They are taking things in slow motion and though there is a chance for something to come from their dancing partnership, it is really going through a baby steps stage. They are trying to figure out how to figure it out. They know the show is going to go with the storyline that they are a couple, but they are gearing towards a real relationship, not just a showmance. They are hoping for the best."

Bolton and Burgess have staunchly maintained they are just friends and both "100 percent single," but eagle-eyed fans have spotted them holding hands and cuddling on the red carpet. Bonner recently took Sharna out on a date night to a country-western bar, where DWTS cameras captured their hot connection.

Even Burgess' former DWTS partner, last season's runner-up James Hinchcliffe, says he thinks there's something going on with Sharna and Bonner.

"There's something there for sure," the Indy Car driver told Entertainment Tonight. "You've got a very, very good looking Southern gentleman -- it's a very kind of different type but hey, whatever works, works. If he can make her happy, then..."

Hinchcliffe added that while he has not met Bonner Bolton in person, he can tell there's "some interest there for sure" when it comes to a romance with his DWTS pro partner. The race car driver pointed to the show's Week 2 package, where there was "some hand holding action going on" between Bonner and Sharna.

Bolton has already weathered a "hand-gate" scandal with Sharna when his hand inadvertently landed between his partner's legs while DWTS cameras were rolling. Bonner denied that he had intentionally groped Burgess, and the Aussie pro dancer reiterated that she is a professional and nothing is going on between them.

The DWTS pro also told Hollywood Life that it's other people who are trying to fast forward her relationship with Bonner Bolton, and she downplayed their physical affection.

"I mean, let's be real! Hand holding on Dancing with the Stars is not a new thing," Burgess said.

"We hold hands all the time, we hug all the time. We are having a great time and a great time getting to know each other…How quick does anyone think this is going to happen if it happens? Let us dance, let us tell his story, let us build this chemistry on more than just an accidental hand moment and the fact that we look good together!"

Dancing with the Stars insiders continue to say that both Sharna and Bonner are open to a real romance with each other—and even want it-- but they reportedly don't want to rush into anything and they are afraid that all of the attention they are getting could up ruining things.

This week on Dancing With the Stars, Bonner Bolton will look back at his Most Memorable Year (presumably 2016, when he was temporarily paralyzed after being thrown off of a bull) as he dances the foxtrot to the Michael Buble song "Feeling Good" with his DWTS pro partner.

Take a look at the video below to see Bonner Bolton and Sharna Burgess' romantic waltz on Dancing with the Stars.

[Featured Image by Sharne Burgess/Instagram]