‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nina Is Back And There Could Be Trouble, Will She Take Action Against Valentin?

It has been an interesting few days on ABC’s General Hospital for Valentin Cassadine. His wife, Nina, has been away, and it seems that much has gone on since she has been gone. She had warned Anna Devane to stay away from her husband, but that didn’t happen. In fact, Anna pursued Valentin and the twosome had quite an intimate moment at one point. What will Nina think of this when she gets home?

According to Soaps She Knows, the new Mrs. Cassadine is expected to return to Wyndemere to her husband and step-daughter on Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital. On the same day, spoilers also say that Anna will gain the upper hand, which means that she may just get the best of Valentin instead of the other way around.

Nina has not been too happy to have Anna hanging around her new husband trying to get answers to the past that they had shared. She is expecting to come home to her family, but she could be in for a surprise. Will she find Anna Devane there as well?

Nina has been getting suspicious of Valentin recently, so she may just lose it this time if she should catch Anna in her home once again. However, Valentin will reassure his wife that everything is fine and dandy. It seems that he has been doing a lot of that lately and it has worked so far, but she may just get tired of his reassurance when she knows that he is not telling the whole truth and do something about it.

All Nina wanted was a family, specifically she wanted to be a mother, and this is as close to having her own biological child as she is getting right now. She adores Charlotte and the little girl loves her back. This is her world, besides being the head of Crimson. She has made a life for herself, and she is not about to give that up so easily.

It is inevitable that she will end up getting hurt at some point by Valentin, and it won’t be pretty. This could just send her over the edge once again as she has before on General Hospital. She could also end up switching sides in Charlotte’s custody case. Even though Valentin won full custody of his daughter, her biological mother, Lulu Falconeri, is still trying to get some dirt on him to be able to get Charlotte with her. Nina may get mad enough to help Lulu eventually.

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With all of this going on with Anna, Valentin may just be distracted, which means that his mind may be on her rather than his wife and child. This could give Lulu the small opening when it comes to her daughter. According to General Hospital spoilers by TV Source Magazine, Lulu will have some sort of a scare. Does it have to do with Charlotte?

Whatever it is, it may have something to do with the child opening up to her mother instead of having her running the other way. So far she has been angry with Lulu and not letting her get close at all, but General Hospital spoilers say that she will finally soften up to her soon.

How will this affect Nina Cassadine? Is she just sticking it out with Valentin because of Charlotte? Her dream has come true, but it may all come crashing down pretty quickly with this whole Anna Devane problem. Rumor has it that it is not Anna at all but her twin sister Alex, so she could be playing Valentin. This may just be the last straw for Nina, and she may turn on him as well.

Do you think that Nina will stick it out with Valentin after she finds out that he has been spending time with Anna Devane while she was gone?

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