'Dance Moms' Season 7 To Feature Cheryl Burke After Abby Lee Miller Quits

Abby Lee Miller has quit Dance Moms Season 7 after bosses treated her "like dirt" for years. Miller announced quitting Dance Moms last Sunday via Instagram.

Abby Lee Miller, who Dance Moms already announced will be replaced by Cheryl Burke, explained her resignation in a lengthy post full of accusations toward people working behind the Lifetime show.

Abby Lee Miller's decision to quit the show after wrapping Dance Moms Season 7 was no sudden decision, as the famous dance instructor confessed that her frustrations had been piling up for seven years.

In the Instagram post, Abby Lee Miller, who Dance Moms has now replaced with Cheryl Burke, says she has "asked," "begged," and "even demanded creative credit" for all the "award-winning routines," ideas, themes and costuming, but officials behind Dance Moms refused to listen.
After announcing her resignation from Dance Moms on social media, Abby Lee Miller confessed in her interview with People magazine that it was "a long time coming" for her.
"Nobody knew. I was just so irate."
And so naturally Abby Lee Miller exploded over time like any time bomb would. But what motivated Miller to quit after Dance Moms Season 7 was when her friend, who also served as makeup artist and hair stylist on Dance Moms, phoned the Lifetime show's boss and said, "I'm done."
"That was it. There was a lot that went on."
Abby Lee Miller, who will be replaced by Cheryl Burke on Dance Moms, says one of the problems with the show was that the production company failed to differentiate between her livelihood as a dance instructor on the show and her livelihood as a dance instructor at her own dance studio.
"To me, I never know when the show is going to end. I know my dance studio is not going to end until I say it ends."
But Abby Lee Miller's "last straw" to quit Dance Moms Season 7 was when the 50-year-old dance teacher invited 50 unpaid kids and their families to a competition at her dance studio.

While the kids and their families were all there – and they were paying to be attending the competition – Dance Moms producer, whom Abby Lee Miller describes as "this psycho crazy woman" kept stalking her through the audience and saying frustrating things to her.

"Things like, 'All your team left you. They want nothing to do with you.'"
While Abby Lee Miller says it was "absolutely nuts," and "the last straw" to quit Dance Moms, the dance instructor says it seemed as if the producer couldn't understand that her words would "anger" her.While Abby Lee Miller claims she has never heard back from the production team working on Dance Moms, the Lifetime show has already chosen Cheryl Burke to replace Miller after Dance Moms Season 7.

Abby Lee Miller added, however, that she is open to returning to Dance Moms, but only if people behind the Lifetime competition series are willing to change.

"It just sickens me when people get creative credit with our ideas."
Deadline reported that because of Abby Lee Miller's busy schedule at her dance studio, Dance Moms Season 7 is shorter than usual.

Dance Moms has chosen Cheryl Burke, who's best known for her Dancing With the Stars stint, to be a guest choreographer on the show, stepping into the role of Abby Lee Miller, who has no plans to return to the show until "things change."

Dance Moms has previously invited guest choreographers to fill Abby Lee Miller's shoes when she was out of town or unavailable to film.

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