Animal Adventure Park Live Cam: April The Giraffe Children’s Book Will Be In The Works Soon

Animal Adventure Park’s live cam continues to receive a high volume of traffic as April the Giraffe’s followers await the pregnant giraffe’s much-anticipated delivery.

With April’s surging popularity in the last couple of weeks, AAP sure hasn’t been slacking off on the business side of things as the zoo has been releasing and announcing a wide range of merchandise. Better yet, some of the proceeds of these products will be donated to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation and management of giraffes.

Animal Adventure Park continues to expand their April-related line of products, and their latest not-quite-official announcement suggests that the zoo is looking to publish a children’s book about April, Oliver, and their soon-to-be-born baby giraffe soon.

AAP’s Facebook account mentioned the park’s plan to release an April the Giraffe children’s book in the comments section, which has lately fostered its own community of April enthusiasts thanks to the page admin’s active engagement with followers.

The children’s book was brought up by one of the page’s followers, Chantell Franklin, who thought that a book about “April and Oliver and the baby” would be so much fun to write and illustrate. Many of the page’s followers seconded the idea. As of this writing, Franklin’s comment has received 881 “likes.”

“Jordan…I think a children’s book about April and Oliver and the baby to be would be so much fun to write and illustrate….thanks again for sharing the giraffes with the world! I love it for sure.”

Animal Adventure Park responded to Franklin’s suggestion and going by the response, it looks like AAP has already been mulling over the idea of releasing an April the Giraffe children’s book sometime in the future.

“We are waiting for the right team to do so!” AAP replied.

Many of the page’s followers added more suggestions, with one saying a coloring book will be better.
Another suggested to AAP that they release a compilation of poems and “conversations” related to April. That said, it’s clear that Animal Adventure Park’s followers are clamoring for more April the Giraffe merchandise!

At present, April the Giraffe is yet to give birth, but as per recent AAP updates, it’s looking like it’s about to happen soon. April has been showing many signs pointing to her giving birth any day now. Those who have been tuning into Animal Adventure Park’s live cam have noticed all the signs too: full udders, large belly, and “off” behavior. It’s been more of the same in the last several days, causing some followers to get worried. Animal Adventure Park, however, maintains that it’s actually a good sign. As previously reported by, April the Giraffe is on the verge of giving birth but the baby is “just not coming out.”

Animal Adventure Park’s latest update, posted on the evening of April 9, also announced that April the Giraffe has been “moving around quite a bit,” which the page admin says was a good thing since “moms will get very ‘pacey’ before and during birth.” It’s another development that points to the fact that April’s delivery is drawing ever closer, so there’s no better time to go to Animal Adventure Park’s live cam than the present time.

“Our big girl seems to be moving around quite a bit! That is a good thing! Moms will get very ‘Pacey’ before and during birth….we will see if it is any indication as to what is to come. All else is well.”

Speaking of AAP’s live cam, April the Giraffe’s official Labor Text alert continues to be a resounding success since the text alert system was rolled out last week. The text service, which is available only to subscribers, delivers updates on April the Giraffe’s pregnancy hours before they are released on any other media, Fox 29 reports.

Are you keeping up with April the Giraffe’s progress on Animal Adventure Park’s live cam (shown below)? How excited are you to see the pregnant giraffe finally give birth to her calf? Will you be buying a children’s book about April, Oliver, and their baby once it’s released? Share your thoughts below.

[Featured Image by Warren Little/Getty Images]