WWE Legend Ric Flair Was Kicked Out Of A Bar

Ric Flair just can’t seem to keep himself out of the headlines these days, or really, out of the headlines over the past couple years.

In April of 2016, there was the strange case of him randomly bleeding at an airport. Less than six months later, he claimed that he had slept with movie star Halle Berry, a claim which she quickly denied and he never mentioned again. Then you could go back further and look at plenty of news stories highlighting his bankruptcies and lawsuits, which were heavily detailed in a devastating Grantland piece.

More recently, he revealed he ended his podcast because it was generating heat with officials in WWE. Specifically, his comments about Finn Balor never being able to main-event a WrestleMania due to his size didn’t go over so well with the top brass behind the scenes.

Now The Nature Boy has done it again. According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, Flair was kicked out of a bar on Sunday evening for making a rude comment towards a bartender.

“Multiple people in attendance say Flair hit up The Deck at the Gas House in Fort Wayne, Indiana tonight and was told to leave after a brief stay.”

According to the report, he allegedly called the employee a “fat a**,” though at this time that has not been confirmed. The wrestling news website reached out to the establishment, and so far have only been able to confirm the legend was asked to leave because he had been insulting the bartender. There were apparently plenty of witnesses who saw this all play out.

Pro Wrestling Sheet also noted they reached out to Flair’s representative to respond to the story, but as of yet have heard nothing back.

Of course, this latest incident isn’t likely to go over well in WWE. But for them, it may not even be that shocking at this point.

Flair was a mainstay on TV in 2016 because he was cast as the manager of his daughter Charlotte. He was making weekly appearances and featured in big storylines. But these days, he is nowhere to be seen. The last time he showed up on television was in November, and that was to congratulate Sasha Banks for her victory against Charlotte to win the Raw Women’s Title. It wasn’t to begin an angle of father vs. daughter, it was a one night spot that led nowhere.

Considering other legends like Shawn Michaels and Jerry Lawler are at least offered pre-pay-per-view panel guest spots on a fairly regular basis, it’s a bit strange that one of the most famous wrestlers of all time isn’t afforded the same luxury. There’s really no obvious role for Flair at this point, and it seems WWE may not trust him on live TV anymore without being heavily scripted.

Flair’s behavior has become a bit of a sad sight for many long-time fans of his. Throughout the ’80s and ’90s, Flair and Hulk Hogan were two of the most famous wrestlers on the planet. Each man had millions of fans, and each was main-eventing major shows and making a ton of money. Now both of them have experienced their fair share of bad press. Hogan hasn’t shown up on TV in a couple of years, and there’s no indication he’ll be returning anytime soon. It may also be some time before Flair shows his face again.

With Roddy Piper, Ultimate Warrior and Dusty Rhodes passing away over the past couple years, there aren’t a lot of mainstream names from that era the company can bring in and not have to worry about how it will be perceived.

Many longtime fans are hoping Flair can stay scandal-free and return to the company in some form, but with this latest incident, that doesn’t seem too likely in the near future.

[Featured Image by WWE]