iPad Pro 2: Two Features That Could Make It A True Laptop Replacement

While Apple’s first iPad for 2017 has already been released, all eyes remain on the iPad Pro 2, the Cupertino-based tech giant’s entry into the professional-grade tablet market and its upcoming launch. With rumors stating that a variation of the flagship tablet has already entered production, the release date of the iPad Pro 2 might be sooner than expected.

The iPad Pro 2 has been a focus of the rumor mill for a while now. With the 12.9-inch iPad Pro and the 9.7-inch iPad Pro quickly getting outgunned by more advanced and updated rivals, it appears pertinent for Apple to ensure that it releases its most robust tablet to the market as soon as possible. In a lot of ways, Apple has already begun its attempt to recapture the tablet market, releasing the 2017 iPad, a low-cost alternative to its more robust Pro-series tablets, according to a TechRadar report.

The 2017 iPad would most likely cater to everyday users who do not need cutting-edge specs for their devices. Thus, it would be up to the iPad Pro 2 to cater to power users who are in need of more firepower when it comes to their mobile productivity tasks. This is where the iPad Pro 2 comes in.

The iPad Pro 2 would be the latest entry into the tech giant’s most powerful tablet line, a line which Apple CEO Tim Cook has dubbed as an ideal laptop replacement. While the last two iPad Pros were immensely powerful devices, however, their capability for being a real laptop replacement was limited at best. With the iPad Pro 2, Apple would have the chance to ensure that this time around, its professional-grade tablet would indeed be robust enough to warrant a purchase from even the most power-conscious users.

According to Business Insider‘s Dave Smith, Apple could make its iPad Pro 2 into a real laptop replacement by simply equipping the device with two extremely important features. Considering that Apple appears set on making the iPad Pro into its mobile productivity device, these particular features would indeed serve the Cupertino-based tech giant well.

A very notable feature that is missing from the original 12.9-inch iPad and its 9.7-inch sibling is a desktop-grade file system. Apple’s MacOS has always garnered praise from users for its neat and organized filing algorithms. For Apple to create a real laptop replacement, the iPad Pro 2 would be served best by being equipped with a robust file system, capable enough to enable users’ data to be accessed and organized in such a way that is akin to a full-fledged laptop computer.

Apart from a capable file system, Smith stated that Apple’s upcoming flagship tablet would boost its productivity capabilities if it gets released with full support for Apple’s Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse. These two accessories, while currently utilized for the iMac, are immensely useful for real productivity tasks. Spreadsheets, for example, are incredibly tedious to create and edit with a touchscreen computer such as the iPad Pro. If the device could work with Apple’s proprietary mouse and trackpad, content creation on the iPad Pro 2 would definitely be a breeze.

The iPad Pro 2 has not been officially announced by Apple, though speculations are high that the 10.5-inch variant of the device has already entered production. With this in mind, rumors are high that Apple might release the iPad Pro 2 within the first half of 2017. Otherwise, a release date together with the iPhone 8 is also possible.

Pricing for the iPad Pro 2 has also not been confirmed by the Cupertino-based tech giant. Considering the price range of the two outgoing models, however, expectations are high that the iPad Pro 2 would be priced at around $799 for its entry-level variant.

[Featured Image by Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP Images]