Bigfoot Hunters Search Ohio After ‘Credible’ Sighting

Doug PensingerGetty Images

Members of the group Searching For Bigfoot traveled to Ohio this week after a “credible” sighting led them to believe that Bigfoot is in the area. They hope to spot or capture evidence of the elusive creature.

Local resident Xavier King says he saw Bigfoot twice while he was on his way home in Youngstown, Ohio. Unsure of what exactly he had seen the first time, the second time he spotted Bigfoot, he got out and took a picture of it.

“I had seen something, I don’t know what it was, I had seen something, that’s all I know. I got out and took a picture.”

When the founder of the Searching For Bigfoot group, Tom Biscardi, saw the picture, he said it looked like a likely Bigfoot sighting because Bigfoot’s preferred vegetation food source was in the picture. He said the location was also consistent with the information his group has on Bigfoot, as the creature likes to travel along rivers and creeks. Ohio is believed to be part of Bigfoot’s northern migration pattern this time of year.

Because the photo was entered into a $1 million competition for finding Bigfoot, Biscardi and King are keeping the photo a secret for now.

But the Searching For Bigfoot team traveled to Youngstown, Ohio to investigate and see if they can find any evidence of the giant ape. They will spend this week camping and working on their research to try and locate Bigfoot in the area.

The group has even set up a hotline for those interested in helping locate Bigfoot. Sightings and activity can be reported at 816-442-3394, the telephone number made public as the Bigfoot Hotline.

Several theories exist about Bigfoot, and because no solid evidence of the creature has been found, animal scientists will not classify it as an actual animal. Despite numerous sightings, Bigfoot is regarded as a myth in zoology until solid evidence can be found. Most Bigfoot scientists believe Bigfoot is the North American Great Ape, a branch of the evolutionary tree related to gorillas and man. Others think that Bigfoot is a forest spirit or an inter-dimensional being.

Bigfoot sightings have been prevalent lately, a trend consistent with what the researchers say are Bigfoot’s migration patterns. As recently as March, Bigfoot made the national news when he was spotted in Idaho by a woman who claimed he chased a deer into the path of her car, causing her to strike and kill it.

The woman told police that she saw Bigfoot chasing a deer along the side of the road while she was driving on Highway 95. She checked her rearview mirror and got a good look at a 7- to 8-foot tall shaggy creature running at full speed.

When she put her eyes back on the road, the deer ran in front of her car and she struck and killed it with her Subaru Forester.

Professor of anatomy and anthropology at Idaho State University Dr. Jeff Meldrum, who researches Bigfoot sightings, called the woman “a credible witness” because “her first response was to report it to the sheriff and not post it on Facebook.”

He did admit that she could have misinterpreted what she saw.

On April 14 and 15, Professor Meldrum will make two presentations at the National Oregon/California Trail Center in Montpelier regarding Bigfoot sightings. He will discuss society’s shifting perspectives on Bigfoot sightings and dissect the famous video of Bigfoot walking, as well as be signing his books.

Meanwhile, the group Searching For Bigfoot has until Christmas Day in December to award the $1 million prize to anyone who can locate Bigfoot.

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