April 10, 2017
WWE Spoilers: The Superstar Shake-Up Begins On 'Monday Night Raw' - Who Is Going Where?

So much has been happening in WWE since WrestleMania 33 ended one week ago, but everyone has their focus on this week's unexpected "Superstar Shake-up." It isn't another superstar draft, but the two brands are going to have very different looks by the end of this week. While it will continue on into SmackDown Live on Tuesday evening, it all begins on Monday Night Raw and there could be some major changes on the horizon.

The official website of WWE released their preview for this week's episode of Monday Night Raw and there are a few big items on the ticket. Still, everyone is primarily waiting on this "Superstar Shake-Up" and how it will end up affecting both brands.

Will WWE really move some of their biggest stars around?

How will the Superstar Shake-up impact Team Red?

New Raw General Manager Kurt Angle is going to be thrust right into the thick of things with this "Superstar Shake-up" just one week after he took over the job. SmackDown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan will be on hand as well as Team Red and Team Blue look to make trades, deals, and other moves for big names.

Vince McMahon has said that anyone and everyone is up for grabs which means even some champions may change brands. There is no way of knowing what may happen, but after two nights, the WWE will look very different.

Finn Balor is back!

Last week on Raw, Finn Balor returned after an absence that has kept him off WWE television and out of the ring for more than half a year. His successful comeback was a great one as fans loved seeing "The Demon" and first-ever WWE Universal Champion back where he belongs.

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Not only is everyone waiting to see what he does this week, but it is rather interesting that his return was to team with Seth Rollins. If you just look back to the end of the summer last year, it was Rollins who ended up injuring Balor and putting him on the shelf for months.

Who will challenge The Beast Incarnate?

After a monster win over Goldberg at WrestleMania 33, Brock Lesnar is the Universal Champion and he's willing to take on anyone that gets in his way. Last week on Raw, it was Braun Strowman who confronted the beast, but Paul Heyman specifically name-dropped Roman Reigns and fans really wouldn't care for either of those match-ups.

Right now, it may not really matter what is going on with Lesnar. As reported by Sports Keeda, Lesnar is not scheduled to perform at Payback or appear on any episode of Raw until that event due to a number of dates he is scheduled to work in his contract.

Cesaro & Sheamus lock in The Hardys' titles

Enzo Amore and Big Cass looked to be right on the cusp of capturing the Raw Tag Team Titles, but then, the Hardy Boyz returned and took them as their own. Then, Cesaro and Sheamus defeated the "realest guys in the room" to become the number one contenders.

Team Extreme now has to deal with one of the hardest-hitting teams in the entire company and it won't be easy to hold onto their newly won titles. This is a match that will likely end up on the card for Payback, but expect a lot of fun interaction until that point.

Will Chris Jericho get payback against Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe?

As of this writing, there is only one confirmed match for Payback and it will feature Chris Jericho in a rematch for the United States Championship currently held by Kevin Owens. WWE continues to tease an alliance of some sort between Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe, but why are they partnering up? Who is having them do their dirty work?

wwe news rumors spoilers superstar shake-up smackdown
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As their upcoming title match approaches, Jericho is going to need some back-up or he will be brutalized week after week by The Prizefighter and the Samoan Submission Machine.

WrestleMania is now a thing of the past for a whole year and the wrestling world is moving forward with so many big happenings. WWE knew they wanted to keep the momentum going from the biggest pay-per-view of the year and they are doing just that with this randomly announced "Superstar Shake-up." All of the fun begins on Monday Night Raw and continues into SmackDown Live on Tuesday, but who will go where?

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