Amy Schumer Fires Back At Body Shamers And Ageism Bullies

Amy Schumer has bounced back after the critical failure of The Leather Special, her latest stand-up routine, but it seems the comedian and actress can’t catch a break. If her internet trolls aren’t giving her a hard time, Schumer is catching heat from the media, which was the case when she recently shared pictures of herself in a new bikini. While Amy’s fans were certainly supportive, the media was not and Schumer isn’t taking that fat shaming quietly. In fact, she’s got a few choice words of her own for anyone who thinks she should cover up.

Amy Schumer Fires Back At Fat Shaming Trolls

“What's good about not being a model is that it's not the thing I trade on. Once I start looking older, that won't affect me. I have never gotten anything done because I'm, like, so gorgeous. I'm good-looking enough that I can work in the business. I get enough attention from men that I feel good. I see pictures of myself now, and I look younger than I think of myself. It hasn't scared me yet.” @JessSeinfeld interviewed @AmySchumer for our May cover and the results are powerful and, as expected, hilarious. Click the link in our bio for the full story. ✨ | ????: @carterbedloesmith; Fashion Editor: @cristinaehrlich; Hair: @kimmykuppkakes; Makeup: @andrea_tiller; Manicure: @caseynails; Pop Styling: Lynn Nigro; Production: First Light Productions

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There’s little doubt that Amy Schumer belongs to a new generation of Hollywood women working to challenge the ideal vision filmmaking executives have of women and, as People shares, many are starting to take notice. As proof, there’s Schumer’s recent InStyle magazine cover and the collection of bikini photos she shared with her Instagram followers.

Unfortunately, those eight swimsuit photos drew as much attention from Amy’s haters as they did from her devoted fans and Schumer ended up becoming a target for fat shaming bullies on the social networking site.

“I feel great. No haters can f with my baseline,” Schumer captioned a picture of herself dressed in a bikini and leaping into the air.

While Schumer is happy with her InStyle cover, she says she’s also happy with her lot in life and wouldn’t choose to model professionally, because she feels it relies to heavily on appearances. Amy adds that she’s good looking enough for Hollywood and does get enough attention from men, so modeling wouldn’t offer her anything she doesn’t already possess to a degree.

“I see pictures of myself now, and I look younger than I think of myself. It hasn’t scared me yet,” Ms. Schumer said of the aging process.

Amy Schumer Blasts Swimsuit Designer Over Fat Shaming Remarks

Internet trolls aren’t the only ones trying to knock Amy Schumer down a peg or two. Too Fab reports that swimsuit designer Dana Duggan criticized Schumer’s InStyle magazine cover, suggesting the magazine should have gone with a thinner model.

When Amy’s cover was first shared with the public, the stand-up comic proudly shared the image with her Instagram followers.

“So proud to be on the cover of @instylemagazine! Thank you @laurabrown99 for the opportunity,@carterbedloesmith for confirming I’m a Hadid, @kimmykuppkakes for hair, @andrea_tiller for makeup, @cristinaehrlich for styling @jessseinfeld for interviewing me!” Ms. Schumer captioned the Instagram share.

As InStyle shared the cover with their own Instagram followers, Duggan made her feelings known.

“Come on now!” Duggan wrote in a comment on InStyle’s post. “You could not find anyone better for this cover? Not everyone should be in a swimsuit.”

Ms. Duggan wasn’t to stop with that all too brief comment. In responding to The Huffington Post‘s request for further comments on Amy Schumer’s swimsuit cover, Dana expressed frustration with a “fat agenda” that she feels has become all too common in the media.

“I appreciate the free press,” she said. “It’s called Freedom of Speech. I can have my opinion and you can have yours. I’m tired of the media and publications trying to push the FAT agenda. It’s not healthy and it’s not pretty. What is wrong with featuring healthy and fit cover models?”

In response to this commentary from Dana Duggan, Ms. Schumer shared those swimsuit pictures, daring the fashion designer to come onto her page and “f with my baseline” directly. So far, Duggan hasn’t taken on Amy Schumer personally, but she may respond in time.

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