Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Release Date: First Leak Shows Infinity Display, Confirms Early Launch?

We just got a first glimpse of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in a latest leak and it looks like we won’t be too surprised once it comes out.

A Chinese leaker posted an image on Slashleaks, showing a device that looks much like a normal Galaxy S8 Plus with an S Pen beside it. At 6.2 inches, the Plus variant of this year’s Samsung flagship is competing with the phablet in terms of size and, as the Note 8 leak reveals, in terms of appearance as well.

Without the S Pen, the alleged Galaxy Note 8 in the photo does not look different than the S8 with its Infinity Display. Although it’s expected to have thin bezels and no home button, fans at least expected it to have a distinct appearance from its siblings aside from the inclusion of an S Pen port.

Even so, the legitimacy of the said Note 8 leak is questionable. Without any other information aside from the photo, it cannot be confirmed whether it is the real deal or just a Galaxy S8 Plus posed with an S Pen. It could also just be a prototype, which is not the final product yet.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Releasing Early?

The leak could be hinting to the Galaxy Note 8’s early release if it’s proven to be true. The first real photos of the Galaxy S8 came out just a couple of months before it was officially announced, so we could be looking at the launch of the phablet a few months from now.

If that’s the case it will dispel rumors of the Note 8’s Q4 reveal, as Inquistr previously reported. Many reports have also suspected that Samsung will release the flagship phablet early to make up for the early demise of the Note 7, but there are reports saying otherwise.

The Note 7 is being refurbished and is getting ready to come out again soon. Select markets will receive the remodeled units with a brand new 3,200 mAh battery, which is 300 mAh less than the original had. This might conflict with the release of its successor, so a later launch seems to be more likely for the follow up.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Specs To Be Expected

Either way, the Galaxy Note 8 is expected to sport powerful specs when it arrives. It should have a bigger screen at 6.4 inches than the Galaxy S8 Plus with a 6.2-inch display. Under the hood, there should be a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 or Exynos 9000-series processor (depending on region) paired with 6GB of RAM, Mashable reports.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is slightly smaller than the Note 8

Aside from the S Pen, another key advantage of the Note 8 over its smartphone siblings should be the 4K display resolution and dual cameras. A patent recently uncovered describes a set-up that makes use of two lenses that will greater understand depth. The rear cameras will also seem to have added functionalities, particularly in maps.

The bigger and better display also calls for a bigger battery, which is presumably safer and does not spontaneously combust. A 256GB internal storage is also expected along with Samsung’s Bixby assistant that should be ripe by then.

The S Pen is also likely to get an upgrade, which could be the speaker integration we’ve seen previously. Then there is also going to be a face recognition software and an iris scanner as part of the package.

Meanwhile, Samsung fans and industry observers are watching out for release of the foldable smartphone dubbed the Galaxy X. It is rumored to be coming out in Q3, earlier than the reveal of the Galaxy Note 8. We’ll see if the world is ready for such tech by then.

[Featured Image by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]