Where Is Casey Anthony Today? Casey Reportedly Led Partying Lifestyle, Bankrolled By Wealthy Fans

What is Casey Anthony doing today?

After years of living in hiding, the notorious Florida mother, who was acquitted for the murder of her daughter, has finally surfaced again, and is living with a man famous for helping get O.J. Simpson to beat his murder charges. There have also been rumors that, at some point since she beat the murder charges, Casey had a group of wealthy fans who were bankrolling her life of partying and drinking in southern Florida.

The whereabouts of Casey Anthony is a question many are asking after the debut of a three-part television series from Investigation Discovery, Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery. The series included interviews with those close to Caylee Anthony’s death, including footage from a jailhouse interview with Casey’s parents.

While the trial was a publicity circus, with near round-the-clock media coverage, Casey Anthony has been almost invisible since her acquittal. Aside from a few sporadic sightings, she remained in hiding while living in West Palm Beach, Florida.

But that changed recently.

After an Associated Press reporter spotted Casey at an anti-Trump demonstration in Florida, she agreed to her first public interview in years. In that interview, Casey revealed that she has been living with a man named Patrick McKenna.

“Anthony lives in the South Florida home of Patrick McKenna, a private detective who was the lead investigator on her defense team. She also works for him, doing online social media searches and other investigative work. McKenna was also the lead investigator for OJ Simpson, when he was accused of killing his wife and acquitted; Anthony said she’s become fascinated with the case, and there are ‘a lot of parallels’ to her own circumstances.”

There had been rumors for years that Anthony was living with McKenna in a home within walking distance to the beach, but it was not confirmed until the interview in March.

Life has reportedly been up and down for Casey Anthony since her acquittal. She has been living a mostly quiet life in Florida, where she started her own photography company and started dating about five years after she left jail.

In a 2016 interview with People magazine, a source close to Casey said that there is “not much is going on in her life.”

“She gets up each day, hangs around, checks the internet, takes some pictures, and doesn’t do much. She can’t hold a real job, and she doesn’t really make a lot of friends, for obvious reasons,” the source said. “When people find out about her history, they usually bail on her. She’s 30, with very few friends her age.”

But Casey Anthony may be popular with a group of much-older men. A local private eye and blogger named Bill Warner wrote that Casey would often go to bars and parties thanks to funding from “a few benefactors” who were obsessed with Casey and would “pay for everything.”

Casey Anthony may have resorted to other means to make money. Some sources told People that shes arranged photo ops with paparazzi when she’s low on money, using the pictures to sell to media outlets.

“She’s got enough money to live, but not enough to really do anything,” a source said. “She sort of lives like an old person, on a fixed income without much going on in her life. She’s bored, and she complains about boredom all the time.”

But it’s likely that Casey Anthony will return to her quiet life now. She has not been seen since giving her public interview more than a month ago.

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