Bonner Bolton Gets Personal, Reveals The Real Reason He’s On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Dancing with the Stars contestant Bonner Bolton and his dance partner Sharna Burgess have undeniable chemistry on the dance floor and fans may see the duos best performance yet on Monday night’s “Most Memorable Year” performance.

This week, Bonner and Sharna will dance the Foxtrot to “Feeling Good” by Michael Buble and considering he is around to tell his story about a tragic bull riding accident, Bonner is lucky to be alive, never mind simply “feeling good.”

Earlier this week, the 29-year-old world champion professional bull rider set the record straight about why he decided to be part of the Dancing with the Stars Season 24 cast.

Amidst the tabloid gossip about his possible romance with partner Sharna Burgess, Bonner is now speaking out on social media to clear up some misconceptions about why he’s on the show — it’s all because he wants to tell his story. Oh, and have a little fun, too. Who can blame him after what he went through?

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According to People, Bonner suffered a near-fatal accident after being thrown off the back of a bull in January 2016. He landed on his head and ended up with a broken C-2 vertebrae that left him temporarily paralyzed.

Bonner’s doctors had to insert a metal frame around his vertebra during spinal surgery and, fortunately, the surgery was a success. In fact, it was so successful that he shared with his fans (via Instagram) after the surgery that he was “truly blessed” and was able to move his whole body again.

There is no question as to why Bonner’s “Most Memorable Year” dance is dedicated to 2016. It’s been just shy of 15 months since his surgery and he’s been giving it his all on the dance floor on this season of Dancing with the Stars.

And for those who question his intentions, here’s what the pro bull rider has to say about everything from his reason for dancing to his relationship with Sharna.

In a recent Instagram post, Bonner made it clear that he’s not on Dancing with the Stars to become “rich and famous” and denied that he’s in a “showmance” with Sharna. Note, he didn’t say he’s not in a romance — they really are a cute couple, no?

“I came on Dancing with the Stars not to win money or become a city slicker, but because they said they wanted to tell my story,” Bonner writes. “I want to tell my story so that others might find hope for themselves and a reason to keep looking up when shit happens in life. I’m not doing this to be rich or famous or to become part of a showmance with Sharna. Life didn’t leave me with a lot of options after breaking my neck and my life almost ended last year. Every since that day I’ve wanted to dance.”

The pro bull rider went on to say that he also did it for “fun” and doesn’t “give a damned” if he wins or loses and won’t let anyone kill his joy.

Clearly, if Bonner Bolton can take the stage on Monday night with that attitude, he could earn a perfect score for his “Most Memorable Year” dance.

And no, he hasn’t topped the leaderboard yet, but it sure sounds like Bonner is on the show to enjoy dancing and to celebrate the fact that he is able to dance after surviving such a horrific accident.

Watch Bonner Bolton and Sharna Burgess perform their “Feeling Good” dance on Dancing with the Stars on Monday, April 10 — the show starts at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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