‘Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery’ Miniseries Debuts – Get A Sneak Peek [Video]

Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery is set to debut on Investigation Discovery and will tell the story that many people watched play out in the media nearly five years ago, but ended up feeling as though justice was cheated. Now, the ID miniseries will explore those events with fresh eyes, retelling the story of Caylee Anthony’s suspicious disappearance and death for those eager for more on the trial that kept the entire country captivated. Just in time for the premiere of the three-part miniseries, ID is offering a sneak peek into their documentary.

Casey Anothony: An American Murder Mystery Gives A Voice To Key Players

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The trial of Casey Anthony, much like most criminal trials, sought only relevant testimony with a slant either for the defense or for the prosecution, meaning witnesses couldn’t reveal everything they knew as plainly as they could recall it. People reports that those key witnesses are now being offered an opportunity to talk openly about what they experienced during the time surrounding Caylee Anthony’s death.

One such witness was Casey’s mother, Cindy Anthony, who does come forward to speak in the ID miniseries.

“I talked to her for the first time after she was arrested,” recalls Casey Anthony’s mom. “I didn’t have the energy to be upset with her. I’m thinking, ‘If you’re not telling them everything to help them, I can’t understand.’”

Cindy is referring to a period in the police investigation into Caylee’s disappearance, when Casey was lying to police officers. It was to be revealed that Ms. Anthony lied about her group of friends, her job history, and even fabricated the existence of a nanny. Casey said the nanny, Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez, had kidnapped Caylee.

Cindy Anthony says she pleaded with Casey to tell the truth and to do everything possible to help police find Caylee, but her daughter was only interested in contacting her then boyfriend, Tony.

In addition to interviewing Casey’s parents, Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery producers have spoken with Belvin Perry, Jr., who presided over Anthony’s trial, and with Russ Huekler, one of the jurors to have suffered backlash for acquitting Casey. Also involved with the ID miniseries are Clint House, a former close friend of Casey’s, and former Orange County Sheriff Kevin Beary.

George Anthony Will Shock Viewers With His Theory

Casey Anthony, Caylee Anthony

As the Orlando Sentinel shares, viewers of the Casey Anthony miniseries on ID will soon learn that Cindy and George Anthony have their own separate theories on what became of Caylee Anthony and about her eventual murder. Steph Watts interviewed the couple for Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery and came away from the interviews with the realization that each one of Caylee’s grandparents have their own unique perspectives.

Steph says she deliberately interviewed George and Cindy separately, because she wanted each party to talk freely about their own opinions and theories about what became of Caylee.

In George’s interview, he speaks candidly about the suicide attempt he made, after Casey’s defense attorney, Jose Baez, publicly alleged that he had sexually abused his granddaughter.

“He was very candid about how he feels today about his daughter and his relationship with her and where that relationship is going,” Watts said, leaving details for the miniseries. “It’s something that will shock people about where the relationship is today.”

In advance of the airing of Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery, the public may notice that National Enquirer is covering the miniseries with headlines such as “Casey Anthony dad’s bombshell confession” and “Yes, she killed Caylee!” While American Media Inc., the company which also owns the tabloid, did provide trial assets for the ID documentary, Watts pledged that National Enquirer was not editorially involved with the production of the miniseries and he stressed that the magazine had no input as to what was asked in interviews for the documentary.

“[George and Cindy Anthony] trusted me with their story,” Watts said. “I’m confident that we kept our word it wouldn’t be exploitative.”

Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery premieres tonight at 10:00 p.m. Eastern on Investigation Discovery.

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