Amy Roloff Has Two Grand Babies On The Way And She Couldn’t Be More Excited About It

Amy Roloff is expecting two grand babies just a few months apart from each other and the Little People Big World star is very excited about becoming a grandma. This will be the first grandchildren for both Amy and her ex-husband Matt as their twin sons Zach and Jeremy Roloff await the births of their babies this year.

Jeremy and his wife Audrey just revealed last week that they are expecting a baby girl. Audrey is due in September.

And Zach and his wife Tori just celebrated their baby shower yesterday at Amy’s Roloff Farms home. According to People, Zach and Tori Roloff revealed back in January they are expecting a little boy. According to social media posts by Tori Roloff, the baby should be coming next month.

Zach, who is the only Roloff child to be a little person like Amy and Matt, recently revealed in a clip for the upcoming premiere of Little People Big World that there are concerns his son will also be a little person. According to US Weekly, Roloff tells his mother Amy that during the latest ultrasound for his unborn child, the baby’s limbs were measuring a bit behind. Zach is emotionally upset in the clip as Amy explains what the father-to-be is feeling.

“Their latest ultrasound, it’s very scary because you just don’t know what the future holds,” Amy told the cameras. “Everything is going to be fine with the baby,” Amy says as she reaches in to give Zach a reassuring hug. And anyone who has every watched the Roloffs in action know she is right because if nothing else over the years, the Roloffs have shown viewers how to persevere.

Amy Roloff will have two granbabies born in 2017.
Though Matt and Amy Roloff divorced last year, both are excited at becoming grandparents in 2017. [Image by Thos Robinson/Getty Images for Discovery.]

The Roloffs have always been frank with their television audience not only about their struggles as little people but also with their basic life struggles. They shared the story of an accident at Roloff Farms that severely injured their youngest son Jacob and family friend Mike. They let viewers tune in for Zach’s painful leg surgery and recovery. Amy and Matt have even invited fans along for the ride as the Roloffs dissolved their marriage.

But fans have also been privy to all of the Roloffs joys. Both Zach and Jeremy’s weddings were aired by TLC as were the transitions of all of the kids into adulthood as they moved on and out of the Roloff Farms homestead. And in December, Amy and Matt’s only daughter Molly revealed she’s engaged.

This season looks like it will be a roller coaster ride of emotions based on the preview. Zach has his baby scare and both Amy and Matt are navigating the newly single lifestyle by dating and Amy is not happy with Matt’s suitor…his assistant. But Mama Roloff is definitely looking forward to the two bundles of joy coming her way.

In a TLC online exclusive, Amy gushed about Zach and Tori Roloff‘s many qualities that will help them be good parents before sharing her own excitement.

“I think one of the things I’m most excited about being a grandma is that this is the time that you can go back and just enjoy the baby being a baby and not worrying about all of this other stuff being a parent,” Amy said before admitting she plans on spoiling her grandkids.

When asked what she wants to be called by her grandkids, Roloff admits she a traditionalist. “I think I would want my grandchild to call me one of the more traditional names and that’s just ‘Grandma.’ I’m going to be the best grandma!” Amy said with a huge smile.

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