Animal Adventure Park Update: April The Giraffe 'Pacey,' Will She Give Birth Very Soon?

Animal Adventure Park's latest update on Sunday, April 9, indicates that she's nearing her time to give birth. For fans, this has been the same news over and over for weeks, but will April have her baby giraffe very soon?

April was eating and continuing with her usual routine and surprised everyone by venturing out for a short while in the yard. She and Oliver were allowed to go in and out of their pens as they pleased.

Temperatures at Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York, are rising, which is a good thing so the giraffes can get some physical activity and fresh air. The park also hopes to speed things up with April and facilitate an active labor if she can exercise a little more.

According to the evening update on Sunday, the park was thrilled to report that April was active.

"Moms will get very 'Pacey' before and during birth....we will see if it is any indication as to what is to come. All else is well.

"April enjoyed yard time today! We have opened her door for weeks and she has only stood in the doorway; but today! - of all days! - she ventured out!"

Animal Adventure Park added in the update that hopefully the full moon coming this week might "shake things up" a bit. Upstate New York is in for a nice week, which the park hopes will only make the baby giraffe's birth more imminent.

On Sunday morning's update for April, it was noted that she "had major movement and bulging of the belly, noting the left side - appeared to have a leg, joint, neck or Something sticking out!"

It was also shared by Animal Adventure Park that April ate all the food she was offered Saturday night and additional "filling of the front teats" was noted. April also had "changes in manure size," another indicator that she's getting closer to having her baby giraffe.

All of the updates provided on the park's Facebook page have maintained that no significant changes have surfaced the last few days. On Friday, April was feasting, a reversal from her previous behavior of not gulping down her meals. Animal Adventure Park owner, Jordan Patch, noted that it's common for giraffes to go in feast mode before giving birth and it was theorized this might be the reason for April's sudden flip-flop interest in food.

On Saturday, the Animal Adventure Park live cam was down several times, but they assured people that they're quick to repair any glitches as fast as possible. When these instances occur, some spew April's story is "fake news" and that she's not really pregnant. Jordan has addressed this nuisance reporting many times already -- and called out one report on Saturday morning without naming the source.

"Yes, we are aware of the malicious and irresponsible reporting of an online story from a TV Channel of the same network as a prior 'whoops,' that is once again (this is their second misstep), spreading and promoting rumors, suggesting we are lying and defrauding the world and the pregnancy is a hoax. Anyone with eyes and sense can see April is with calf. #Fakenews is REAL!"
With the unfortunate trend of "fake news" floating around the internet, even Animal Adventure Park finds themselves at the center of such speculations over their star giraffe. As many tell critics, it's clear to see how pregnant April is because -- well -- she's huge! Her sides have contracted whenever the baby moves and the way she carries herself is evident that she's expecting a baby giraffe. Despite the live cam and updates, there's always going to be a few who spread rumors about the authenticity of April's condition.

Are you watching April the giraffe on Animal Adventure Park's live cam? Do you think she's going to give birth to her calf this week?

[Featured Image by ChrisVanLennepPhoto/Shutterstock]