LG V30: Leaked Images Confirm 4-Camera Setup, Secondary Display

LG has already released its first flagship for 2017, the well-received LG G6. Inasmuch as the G6 is a stellar device, however, the smartphone has largely been eclipsed by the Galaxy S8 since Samsung's first flagship was unveiled. LG, however, has another ace up its sleeve -- its flagship phablet for the year, the LG V30. If recent leaks about the V30 are anything to go by, it appears that the upcoming smartphone would have more than enough to put up a good fight in the mobile market.

Recently, an image of what seems to be the front panel of the LG V30 has surfaced online. Posted in Slashleaks, the leaked image featured a very notable feature that has been long-rumored about the device -- a feature that might very well make the V30 into one of the most desirable selfie-driven camera phones in the market.

The leaked image, while it could not be verified at this point, shows what is supposed to be the front panel of the upcoming flagship device. Interestingly, the cutouts in the image show two holes for the device's front-facing cameras. With this, it appears that LG really is going for a daring 4-camera system with the V30. The LG V20, the upcoming device's direct predecessor, already has a dual-lens rear camera, and it stands as one of the most capable imaging smartphones currently in the market. If the leaked image proves true, it seems like LG would be upping the ante with the V30's front cameras as well.

Another thing that was immediately noticeable was a cutout directly beside the LG V30's front-facing cameras. From what could be determined so far, the cutout appears to correspond to the V30's secondary display, a feature that was previously rumored to be removed from the upcoming device. If the leaked photo is accurate, it seems like LG would be keeping the V30's iconic feature, after all.

In a lot of ways, it does make sense for LG to keep the V30's secondary screen. The feature is, after all, what really separates the tech giant's V-series from its competitors in terms of design. Apart from this, the secondary Always-On display has been extremely useful for users as well, according to a GSM Arena report. Thus, the fact that the feature would be retained for the LG V30 would most likely be appreciated by fans of the device.

Unfortunately, the recently leaked LG V30 image does not contain any other information about the upcoming smartphone. The screen size appears to be slightly wider than the LG V20's display, though, without measurements or specs included in the image, it is relatively hard to tell. Nevertheless, it seems safe to assume that the V30 would at least retain the V-series' iconic form factor.

Rumors about the LG V30 have begun to emerge lately, with speculations stating that the upcoming flagship phablet would be equipped with a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC and 6GB of RAM. From these rumored specs alone, it definitely appears that the V30 would be LG's real flagship for 2017, as the LG G6, which was recently released, featured a modest Snapdragon 821 and 4GB RAM configuration. Apart from a robust processor and added RAM, however, the LG V30 is also rumored to feature improved DAC, to improve its users' listening experience.

The LG V30 release date has not been revealed or leaked as of date, though speculations are high that the upcoming flagship phablet would see a launch sometime in the second half of the year. Pricing for the LG V30 remains unknown, though early speculations state that the device might enter the market at the same price as its predecessor.

[Featured Image by Don Feria/AP Images]