Rachel Hunter, 47, Shows Off Bikini Bod, Reveals Her Secret To True Beauty

Rachel Hunter is proving age is nothing but a number. The model has been showing off her incredible bikini body. Rachel has been on vacation in New Zealand. The paparazzi has been scoping her out as she’s been rocking several bikinis on her vacation. The bikini shots came amid her interview with MindBodyGreen, in which she shares some of her natural beauty secrets.

The 47-year-old supermodel showed off her strong and lean body on the beach. Hunter was photographed wearing a printed bikini that drew attention to her ample bust, toned stomach, and long legs. She opted for the makeup-free look as she enjoyed a walk in the sand. When she turned around, she showed her butt and lower back tattoo to the cameras.

Rachel then pulled her blonde locks into a top knot. In the other photos published to the Daily Mail, she was seen covering herself up with a white sheer blouse and blue denim cut-off shorts. Rachel left the beach to enjoy a luxury boat ride with her friends. She has been sharing a lot of her bikini photos on her Instagram lately. This is just one of the many bikinis that Rachel has been rocking on her vacation.

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She’s been one-upping Christie Brinkley with the snapshots. In one of the photos, reported by Yahoo, Hunter is seen doing a handstand in the sand. Hunter previously told Women’s Weekly back in 2013 that the secret to maintaining her figure at her age is simply from eating healthy. She lives by the mantra, “You are what you eat.”

“The science is pretty basic – what you eat is what you’ll look like. If you eat pancakes and waffles, you’ll have a pancake and waffle body. My advice to anyone over 40 is to only do it if it makes you feel good.”


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There could be a reason why Rachel is spending so much time in Kiwi land. More recently, a Woman’s Day report claimed that she was romantically linked to New Zealand actor Joe Naufahu who played Khal Moro on Game Of Thrones, but Rachel has since taken to her Facebook page to deny the dating rumors.

“Yet again I heard Woman’s Day NZ get it WRONG!! Sick and tired of it! Get your facts right! no feeling no respect for my family [sic],” she responded.

According to the New Zealand Herald, Hunter has been spending a lot of time with her mom, who’s battling cancer. Last year, she shared a photo of herself with her sister Jacqui and her mother Jeneen on social media along with the caption, “Beautiful to be home for Christmas, with our Mum. She has been courageous this year.” Hunter has been traveling to New Zealand over the past few months to spend more time with her mom.

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She also made the time to share some of her beauty secrets. MindBodyGreen’s Emma Mildon sat down for an exclusive interview with Rachel in her search for true beauty. Rachel realized that beauty is not about looking perfect and flawless, but it’s about well-being. A guru she met in India told her that “a joyful face is a beautiful face.” That’s when she realized that loving herself is the secret to true beauty.

“I think we’re going to hear this word ‘authentic’ a lot this year,” she said.

“To see realness and vibrancy and joy and people being truly who they are – to me that is the true meaning of ‘the goddess.’ There’s an amazing glow that happens there.”

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Hunter has been on a journey of personal growth, spirituality, and well-being. She explained how she broke out of her “spiritual closet” and how it’s helped her embrace her true self.

“When you are in unison with yourself and your spirituality, you can go fully forward with who are you,” she added.

[Featured Image by Araya Diaz/Getty Images for Ovation]