Elizabeth Hurley At Age 51 Rocks Flawless Bikini Body In 3 Instagram Videos In Less Than One Week

There’s a longstanding saying, “age is just a number.” But for supermodel and actress Elizabeth Hurley, the fact that her number is 51 is far from evident, as Hurley seems determined to prove in a series of short Instagram video posts in which the Austin Powers star flaunts a bikini body that wouldn’t betray an age over 30 — if that.

Why Hurley has posted three videos in three days, leading up Sunday’s rather spectacular slow-motion video post, remains unclear. The posts appear on her personal Instagram page where Hurley, who will turn 52 on June 10, maintains her 538,000 followers. Hurley also has an Instagram page for her fashion swimwear line, which she founded 12 years ago, Elizabeth Hurley Beach, the source of the following photo post.

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Her “Elizabeth Hurley beach” Instagram carries a relatively paltry 42,000 followers, so Hurley must have been looking to reach the widest possible audience with her bikini body video posts, which started with the following whimsical post.

@elizabethhurleybeach #ElleBikini named for my beautiful friend @ellemacphersonofficial

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But blowing kisses to her followers while rocking her barely-there beachwear apparently wasn’t enough for the mom of 14-year-old actor Damian Hurley — who costars with his mom in the E! Network series The Royals. The next day Hurley, who portrays a fictional queen of England in The Royals, posted another short bikini body video.

Favourite #PanamaBikini @elizabethhurleybeach

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But her crowning achievement, so to speak, was her Sunday video post — a slow motion video that left little to the imagination when it came to putting her 51-year-old beach body on display, a video that collected more than 108,000 views in the first 13 hours that it was on her Instagram page. That’s more than 8,300 views per hour, or almost two-and-a-half views per second.

Wondering why? Well, here’s why.

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The Express, from Hurley’s home country of England, described the video in the following vivid terms.

“The actress was seen running down an idyllic and secluded beach in her skimpy swimwear, but the video had been slowed down just like the infamous scenes in 90s TV show, Baywatch. Wearing her tresses down and keeping her sunglasses firmly on, the 51-year-old looked to be having a great time while showing off her age-defying figure,” the paper wrote.

“Elizabeth’s cleavage was impossible to miss as she paraded towards the camera with her arms in the air.”

Her fans were understandably enthusiastic as well, posting such comments on the video as, “Beautiful!” and “A hug from you would be amazing,” and even one extraordinarily honest fan who declared, “My penis just jumped.”

Presumably, Hurley is attempting not only to show off her own supermodel figure, but also to peddle her wares to other women who aspire to the Hurley look. The blue and white bikini — pictured above in both the Instagram photo and the second of the three videos — worn by Hurley in her posts retails from Elizabeth Hurley Beach for a cool $160.

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Another commenter asked a pertinent question, wondering “How are you still single?”

Of course, while Hurley has indeed never tied the knot, she is the veteran of a number of high-profile romances. When she burst on the scene in the 1990s, Hurley was known less for her own career achievements than as the girlfriend of English actor Hugh Grant, then at the height of his stardom.

She moved on after Grant to Hollywood financier Steve Bing, the billionaire who put up the big bucks behind such films as the Sylvester Stallone thriller Get Carter and the 2007 animated version of the legendary epic poem Beowulf.

Bing is also the father of Damian, Hurley’s only child.

But Hurley came closest to the altar with now-retired Australian cricket superstar Shane Warne. The couple were engaged for three years before finally calling the whole thing off in 2013.

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