Drama Erupts In ‘Bachelor’ World: Reality Steve Calls Out Luke Pell For Allegedly Playing Numerous Women

Bachelor fans fell in love with Luke Pell during JoJo Fletcher’s season of The Bachelorette and had hoped he would be named the next Bachelor. Those dreams were shot down for Luke and fans when just hours before he was to depart for Los Angeles, Pell was notified by producers they had decided to go a different way. Nick Viall was announced as the lead in place of Luke, who according to a report by Us Weekly, already had his bags packed and ready to go.

Fans have continued to support Luke and rumors fly anytime Pell is seen with a woman, which is true for most Bachelor alumni. The latest set of rumors to emerge seem different and are causing major drama for Luke. A woman named Airelle Snyder, along with a contestant on Nick’s season, Lauren Hussey, have made a YouTube video about Pell titled, “The Almost Bachelor: Our Untold Story.” In the video, the two women allege that Luke treated them poorly. Snyder and Hussey accused Pell of being a cheater and a player.

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Reality Steve became involved in the drama when approached by the women and shared what he knew on his blog. Snyder says that she and Luke had connected and Pell convinced her to go on his season of The Bachelor. Luke allegedly promised to take Airelle to the end and become engaged to her. When Nick was announced in place of Luke, he disappeared from Snyder’s life.

When Luke replied to Airelle via Twitter after her video was released he stated that they had only met twice, Steve replied, “Stop the f***ing lies. You did not just meet Airelle twice 8 months ago. Stop it. I’ve seen the texts you sent her. I’ve seen all the proof I need to know that you your tweet was absolutely, 100% trying to downplay your relationship with Airelle to make her seem non-existent or some crazy fan girl.” Luke’s tweet was deleted shortly after he posted it, however, Reality Steve had a screen shot to share on his blog.

Lauren Hussey was supposed to be on Luke’s season as well. Hussey ended up staying for Nick’s season, but Viall sent her home the first night. Hussey and Pell connected and according to her, they began a relationship. Lauren even shared photos with Reality Steve of her and Luke together to gain credibility. According to Lauren and Steve, Hussey was not allowed to share the pictures on social media.

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Things allegedly became fairly serious and he accompanied her to Colorado to meet her family and it was there Luke and Lauren watched The Bachelor premiere. Steve shared another photo on his blog as proof of Lauren’s relationship with Luke. The two did a photo shoot together in the snow. Along with the picture shared of them together, Steve shared screenshots Luke had posted in the exact same location.

Along with these two women, Luke allegedly did the same thing to former Bachelor contestant Jubilee Sharpe. In addition, Luke also had one more girl lined up to appear on his season of The Bachelor. Holly Allen is a wine tour guide in Malibu and Steve shared photos and an Instagram post that basically confirm she has connections with Luke.

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Reality Steve said the following about Luke.

“He’s a master manipulator in my opinion and needs to be called out. The guy purposely has misled and mistreated these women (along with Jubilee and probably soon-to-be Holly Allen), and I felt their story should get out there because it was very intertwining and obviously quite scandalous.”

Luke has since responded to the allegations against him and denies them all. Entertainment Tonight shared his response to the rumors. Luke maintains there is no truth to Reality Steve’s allegations on his blog. Pell claims to not even know where the Jubilee allegations came from. Luke does admit to having spoken to Hussey and Snyder a few times, but that is it.

Reality Steve took to Twitter to offer Pell an opportunity to appear on his podcast to clear the air and share his side of the story. While Luke did decline, Steve says Pell reached out to him via direct message on Twitter and the two chatted back and forth for more than two hours. Steve says regardless if Luke wishes to talk about what went down, he will stand by his story as being truth because he has proof to back it up.

What do you think of the new developments with Luke Pell? Another question on everyone’s minds now is if Luke will be joining the season 4 cast of Bachelor in Paradise. Luke has been asked that question and said he would consider it, but is very hesitant to appear. Stay tuned for more updates on this intense situation as they become available.

The new season of The Bachelorette is currently filming and set to premiere in May on ABC.

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