Bradley Cooper And Irina Shayk Welcome Their First Baby

Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk have taken their relationship a step further, as they welcome their first child into the world and become parents together. As details of the birth become public and Cooper celebrates his new role as a father, the Victoria’s Secret model embraces motherhood with the same passion with which she has always infused every other aspect of her life from modeling to her romance with Bradley. Cooper and Shayk are euphoric over the healthy birth of their new baby, news they are currently keeping under a tight lid.

Irina Shayk Gives Bradley Cooper His First Child

Dating since the spring months of 2015, People reports that Bradley and Irina welcomed their first child just two weeks ago and that the baby is a first for both the Victoria’s Secret model and for Oscar-winning actor, Bradley Cooper. Shayk gave birth to the baby just shortly after making her runway stroll in this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Irina has stayed active throughout her pregnancy and was recently seen sporting her baby bump and a pair of Mickey Mouse ears, during a visit to Disneyland. Shayk was dressed in black for the visit, possibly to help hide her condition a little better. While Cooper didn’t make the Disneyland visit with Irina, sources close to the couple agree that Bradley is very protective of Irina and their baby.

“He has been spotted dropping her off at the airport with kisses as she is about to take off for another job,” the source explained. “They are just a very sweet couple.”

Reports indicate that Cooper and Shayk plan to make Los Angeles their primary residence with intentions to raise the newborn on the west coast. Having been so active with their careers and personal lives, the couple may not have had time to baby proof their L.A. home yet, though neither Bradley or Ms. Shayk have responded to requests for comments about their new baby.

Bradley Cooper And Irina Shayk Only Recently Hosted A Baby Shower

E! News reports that Irina and Bradley were honored at a baby shower last month in preparation for the birth of their new addition and sources said the event was a beautiful and elegant affair. Mr. Cooper attended, providing whatever help he could to ensure Ms. Shayk was able to relax and enjoy her time.

“Bradley was hanging with his mother, making sure everything went smoothly,” the source says. “He is always very chill and relaxed.”

The mid-afternoon baby shower was catered with casual finger foods and, while the couple hasn’t yet shared the news, Bradley and Irina do know the sex of their baby and the baby shower’s venue was decorated with that in mind.

Guests presented Shayk with a small treasure trove of pricey, designer gifts for her baby and sources indicate that Irina was very happy with the turnout and the baby shower in general.

In fact, Irina thought the baby shower was “more perfect than she could’ve imagined,” according to one source.

Previously, Shayk had said that she was enjoying her pregnancy and expressed feeling overjoyed by watching Cooper’s baby grow in her belly. Irina also indulged in pregnancy cravings, which she felt was one of the best things about her pregnancy.

That doesn’t mean Irina let her pregnancy keep her sidelined. Right up until the delivery, Shayk maintained a light workout schedule and worked with a professional trainer to ensure her routines were safe for the baby.

“Irina and Bradley are doing really well. Bradley has been helping Irina and been going with her to doctor appointments and being by her side through this whole pregnancy. He is as excited as she is to be a parent,” said the source, confirming news that Mr. Cooper is devoted to his new family.

[Featured Image by Julian Finney/Getty Images]