Surface Pro 5 Credible Rumors Point To Kaby Lake Upgrade, Very Little Else

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 has been floating around in the rumor mill for quite some time now. With the device’s release date rumored to be approaching, the first reliable rumor about the upcoming 2-in-1 hybrid device has been released. Interestingly, the new rumor states that the Surface Pro 5 would not be as game-changing as previously thought.

Initial speculations regarding the Surface Pro 5 pointed to the device being equipped with all the bells and whistles that the computing industry currently offers. According to noted tech journalist and reliable source Paul Thurrott, however, the upcoming Surface Pro 5 would most likely be a minor upgrade over the Surface Pro 4.

The reporter stated that the while the 2017 flagship hybrid device would indeed be equipped with an Intel Kaby Lake processor, it would retain most of the features of the Surface Pro 4. Even the device’s long-rumored departure from its proprietary connector to USB-C would also not be happening, according to Thurrott.

Rumors of a Surface Pro 5 rocking a USB-C connector have been emerging over the past few months. With industry leaders such as Apple and HP releasing flagship machines that exclusively utilize the reversible connector, speculations were high that Microsoft would be following suit. After all, the Surface Pro series’ proprietary charger, which Microsoft had been utilizing for years, appears to be due for an update.

Nevertheless, the absence of USB-C in the Surface Pro 5 has actually been received fairly well by fans of the device. In the comment section of Thurrott’s post alone, many Surface users actually stated that they appreciate the fact that Microsoft would be keeping the device’s special magnetic charging connector. Others even indicated that it is simply far too early for Microsoft to jump into the USB-C bandwagon. Considering that the Surface Pro 5 is one of its most critical devices, it makes perfect sense for Microsoft to avoid risks as much as possible. Thus, its decision to not feature USB-C in the Surface Pro 5 might not be such a bad idea after all.

If Microsoft does end up simply updating the Surface Pro 4’s processor, however, there is a good chance that the upcoming device might not make as much of an impact in the portable computing market as initially expected. After all, the Surface Pro 4 remains a capable machine to this day. If the Surface Pro 5 retains its predecessor’ design, display and most of its internals, users of the current flagship hybrid might not find the new device compelling enough to warrant a purchase.

While initial details about the Surface Pro 5 remain scarce, however, persistent rumors about the device have continued to emerge nonetheless. Currently, speculations remain high that the Surface Pro 5 would still have a few tricks up its sleeve, despite its lack of significant design changes, according to a TechRadar report. Among these is the rumored addition of an LTE version of the device that would be powered by an ARM-based processor. Microsoft has already released a demo of Windows 10 running on an ARM chip. Thus, there is still a good chance that the first cellular-capable Surface Pro device would still make it this year.

Speculations are also high that the upcoming flagship would be equipped with some useful tools that would significantly boost its users’ productivity. Among these are an improved rechargeable Surface Pen and the addition of a smaller Surface Dial, which would most likely benefit users who rely on their Surface Pro devices for graphics-intensive creative tasks.

The Surface Pro 5’s release date remains unknown as of date, though speculations are high that the upcoming flagship hybrid device would make a debut within the next few months. Pricing for the Surface Pro 5 has also not been leaked, though rumors are high that the machine would be priced starting at around $899 for the base model.

[Featured Image by Richard Drew/AP Images]