Allegedly Drunk Shia LaBeouf Tossed Out Of L.A. Bowling Alley After Altercation With Bartender [Video]

It hasn’t been the best week for Shia LaBeouf. First, his new movie, Man Down, sold a single sad ticket over its UK premiere weekend and on Wednesday, he was tossed out of a L.A. bowling alley after getting into a verbal altercation with a bartender. And, as so often seems to happen when Shia LaBeouf erupts in a rage, the bowling alley incident was caught on camera and released by TMZ for the world to see.

As RT reports and according to witnesses, Shia had been drinking for several hours before erupting in a loud, very nearly physical confrontation with a bartender at the Pinz bowling center late Wednesday. While precisely what led up to Shia LaBeouf freaking out isn’t clear on the video, he can be heard yelling about “french fries” as he accuses the bartender of being a racist.

“He’s about to hit me with a Grey Goose bottle about French fries? You f***ing racist b***h!”

Check out Shia freaking out and being escorted from the bowling alley in the TMZ breakdown of the disturbing video below.

At least one witness to Shia LaBeouf’s bowling alley meltdown says that the star had been drinking for at least three hours before he flipped out on the bartender at Jerry’s Deli, which is connected to Pinz. Things apparently got so bad that the staff told Shia to get out, even gently guiding him to the door while standing between him and his apparent target.

Reportedly, the bowling alley freak out was really and truly about Shia’s anger over french fries. Witnesses to the event, many of whom apparently pulled out their cell phones and began recording (and some of whom who can be seen laughing nervously and with shocked looks on their faces) claim that the bartender refused to serve Shia LaBeouf the french fries he wanted.

It’s unknown why Shia was denied his crispy fried potatoes.

It is further unknown what prompted Shia LaBeouf to make allegations of racism against the bartender. As the video above points out, there was no apparent racism witnessed by anyone else at the bowling alley. Nor did the video show any signs of racism aside from Shia’s allegations.

As he was being led from the establishment, LaBeouf could be heard asking someone to “call the police,” and continuing to accuse the bartender of racism, adding (in foul terms) that he believed the bartender had made a mistake.

“You f***d up.”

If Shia was truly as inebriated as witnesses claim when he was tossed out of the L.A. bowling alley, the incident will mark a serious setback for the former child star. At the end of 2016, Varietyreported that Shia (who had been struggling with a drinking problem for years) had been sober, by his own account, for over a year.

Stopping short of admitting to being an alcoholic or any other kind of addict, Shia LaBeouf told interviewers that he had made a decision to stop drinking and to rebuild a career that had been stunted by his alcohol abuse. He even admitted that he’d been attending AA classes to help him manage his problem.

“You don’t touch it. Alcohol or any of that s**t will send you haywire. I can’t f**k with none of it. I’ve got to keep my head low.”

Prior to getting sober, Shia LaBeouf was plagued by multiple arrests related to his drinking, was fired from a Broadway show, and even accused of plagiarism.

Since the end of 2016, Shia has appeared to be working steadily — both as an actor and a performance artist — and has even gotten involved front-and-center with American politics with his controversial “He Will Not Divide Us” project aimed at protesting against Donald Trump.

That project was slated to remain live for the duration of the Trump presidency, but counter-protests forced it to be shut down. In the midst of the livestream, Shia LaBeouf was arrested after getting into a verbal altercation with a man who would later claim that Shia had ripped off his scarf and scratched his face. As USA Today reports, criminal charges stemming from the January incident were dismissed at the end of March for lack of evidence.

“The Queens District Attorney’s Office recently reviewed the facts of the case and declined to prosecute as the evidence available was not sufficient to support the criminal charges. Therefore, the charges were dismissed and the case has been sealed.”

It is unknown what triggered Shia LaBeouf’s Wednesday bowling alley rant, whether it was the sale of a single ticket to his new film or hours of drinking or the failure of his “He Will Not Divide Us” endeavor (which was moved multiple times before going dark); what does remain certain is that Shia appears to be cracking under the pressure of a difficult few days.

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